What’s on Our Baby Registry

With my baby shower scheduled (thanks, Mom!), I figured it would be a good time to go through and actually create a wish list of things for baby boy via a registry! On one of our trips to Raleigh to visit my sister, I had her go through some things with me and tell me what her most-used items were with her three kids. Since she’s been through it from newborn to year 6, I knew she’d be a great resource to start out! I also referenced all of the suggestions you guys provided on this Instagram post.

My approach to preparing for his arrival is to make sure I have the essentials (or what I think will be the best things to have on-hand) and anticipate needing to add things as he grows and develops. I’d rather start out with less and add as we go than stock up on a bunch of baby gear that we never touch!

While this isn’t a comprehensive list, here are a few highlights from my current wish list:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

One of the things I’m really excited for is wearing him in one of the Solly wraps. I remember using one of them for my nephew for a flight we took and I loved having him strapped to me!

Probably the most recommended item in that IG post I referenced earlier was this Nose Frida. It’s a simple thing to have on hand, but so many of you said you used it time and again with your babies!

Even if backpacks weren’t “in” right now, I’d still be just as excited for this diaper bag. My sister also handed me down an old tote bag of hers that I’ll probably keep stocked in the car, but this bag will be our primary one.

Another highly recommended item was this sound machine, so I put it on our list!

One last thing that I thought was a fantastic idea was to create a little “first aid” kit to have when the baby comes home from the hospital with us – gas drops, diaper rash cream, thermometer, etc. For a seasoned mom, this would be a great gift to put together for a new mom, since she may not know all the random things she will wish she had at 2am with an unhappy baby. I’m going to have my sister help me put together a little basket of these things to have before his arrival!

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  1. 2.10.20
    Amanda said:

    3 boys later I can tell you this is a great list! There is nothing like getting ready for baby 🙂 Enjoy all the fun!

  2. 2.10.20
    Anastasia said:

    I would also suggest a more portable sound machine like this one Marpac Rohm Portable White Noise Machine. We used it from day one. Great for noisy stores or even in the car.

    • 2.10.20
      Lauren said:

      Yes, we have one on our registry (this is just the highlights) — great to hear that you’ve used it a lot!

  3. 2.10.20
    Tara Woodworth said:

    Print out a dosage chart for Infant Tylenol and Infant Motrin and put in medicine cabinet or somewhere handy. It really helps to know you get it right!

  4. 2.10.20
    Jill Boger said:

    Hi! There is a saline nasal spray that I totally recommend as well. You can use it with the nose Frida or on it’s own to loosen things up. Highly recommend

  5. 2.10.20
    Leah Barkleyf said:

    You definitely want to check out the Nosiboo Pro! I got ours on amazon and it’s 1000x better than the Nosefrida! Plus, it’s automatic so it doesn’t require you to literally suck your baby’s boogers out lol it’s by far the most used baby gadget in our house hold. We’ve had ours for 6 years and it still works great!

  6. 2.11.20
    Megan said:

    Nail scissors instead of nail clippers. SO MUCH EASIER.

  7. 2.13.20
    Marcia said:

    Extra water proof crib sheets and a chemical free crib mattress. Some places put fire prevention spray on the mattresses which can cause asthma.

    And tons of books! Our little guys love Room on the broom, Don’t eat your classmates, and Mother Bruce.