Outdoor Things We Love For Liam

Something I’m really enjoying about Liam’s age right now is how much he loves to be outside! While it’s been a little unpleasant to be out on the really hot days this summer, we spend time outside with him nearly every day. It’s nice to have some toys and different things to entertain him while Mike and I tag team taking care of the babies inside. Here are a few things we’ve used a lot this summer:

  1. Dino Rocket Launchers – These are a fun and cheap option!
  2. Picnic Blanket – He loves to lay this out in the yard and have a “snack party” — AKA eating snacks on their blanket, haha!
  3. Sandbox with Mesh Cover – We get so much use out of our sandbox and the other kids on our block love to come play in it, too!
  4. Sandbox Excavator – He loves to be ably to dig like he can at some parks by us.
  5. Water Table – A great water option, especially on really hot days!
  6. Picnic Table – We get lots of use out of this – doing crafts, eating meals, etc.
  7. Water Balloons – He loves doing these with our neighborhood friends, Be warned: clean up is a pain!
  8. Wading Pool – It gets so hot here in the summer that sometimes the only way to be outside comfortably is to be submerged in water!
  9. Kitchen Sink Play Toy – This has brought hours upon hours of entertainment over the last year or so! Bring it inside during the winter, too. You can set it up in the shower or just put a bath towel under it to catch and spills.

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