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Now that the babies are mobile and much more interactive than a few months ago, I thought it would be a good time to share an update to the products we’ve been using a lot for all of the kids! Liam is at a really fun age where he’s getting into more make-believe and dressing up, which is fun to be creative with! He’s picked up rollerblading in the last month or so and really loves doing that. He’s gotten really good! The babies are crawling all over everything, understanding more of the things we’re saying to them and just at a really fun age.

Here are some things we’ve gotten a lot of use out of lately:

For Liam

  1. Cardboard Playhouse: I like that this serves as two separate activities for Liam depending on what he’s in the mood to do, either coloring or pretend play. You can find them in lots of fun shapes and themes on Amazon (might have to get him this pirate ship one or this rocket ship one for his birthday)!
  2. Roller Blades: These are great because they can grow with him so he can get use out of them for a few years! He has rollerbladed every day since he got these!
  3. Hockey Guys Set: To go along with Liam’s interest in skating/hockey, we got this set of hockey figures and rink and he has really enjoyed it!
  4. Nugget Couch: We’ve had this since Liam was a baby and it’s still a favorite! There’s some more affordable options on Amazon but I’ve been impressed with how this one’s held up. The babies love to crawl around on it, too.
  5. Walkie Talkies: These work great! We’re still working on talking while not holding down the button, but he thinks it’s such a novelty, which is fun.

For the Babies

  1. Ball Toy: Audrey and Cam have both enjoyed this and I like that it’s a good toy for sharpening their motor skills!
  2. Carhartt Beanies: These stay on really well and come in a lot of cute colors.
  3. Nasal Aspirator: With it being cold season, we’ve unfortunately gotten quite a bit of use out of this recently but it has made things easier!
  4. Climbing Set: This is another item we’ve had since Liam was a baby and the twins have enjoyed it just as much as he did.
  5. 5 in 1 Pikler: This is a newer purchase but it’s been popular with both the babies and I like that it has so many features in one! It also folds which is nice for storage.
  6. Little Sleepies Pajamas: I love all the cute prints these come in and they’re really good quality!

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