New House Design: The Master Bedroom

Another room that I have pretty much figured out for the new house is our master bedroom. It won’t be all that different from our current room, but I think we’ll be adding a couple pieces and things to fill the space, since our new room is bigger than our current one. If you’ve seen any bits of our home, you know that we like neutral colors. I’ll occasionally add in a pop here and there, but I find neutrals to be calming and most appealing for us, so much of our home is in this color palette. I like to add in interest with texture and pattern, versus color.

Here’s what I’m thinking for our master:

Shop the Room: Goodnight sign, Bed, Bench, Rug, Faux Plant, Lamp, Nightstand, Accent Chair, Mirror, Baskets, Dresser

Like I said, we have most of this already and will be re-creating our existing room in the new house. We will be needing a larger rug for the room and I love the pattern on this one. For now, I’m planning on re-using our existing nightstands in the master, but there’s a chance I’ll want something bigger, like two small dressers. The bed will be flanked by windows on either side with a good bit of wall space, so it may look better to have some bigger pieces of furniture there. I’ll have to wait and see once we start setting it all up!

By the way, we love this bed! It’s simple and so pretty, but really brings the whole room together. Our trusty Ikea dresser will be making the move with us, too! I’ve had this since my second apartment in Chicago back in 2013 and it has weathered several moves. To personalize it a bit, I swapped out the handles for some pulls that I found at Hobby Lobby (I like to do that with most Ikea furniture). It’s got a great amount of storage space for the two of us!

I’m not sure about art for the space yet, but I’m sure we’ll add in a couple things to the walls. We’ll be mounting a TV again, so that will go up on one of the walls, but there will be other wall space to fill, too.

I can’t wait to see it come together!

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  1. 2.13.20
    Ashley Sisson said:

    So pretty! I have half of that furniture…maybe I should consider changing our master bedroom 🙂

    I’m thankful for Pinterest and blogs like yours that can show myself and others how to piece things together.

    • 2.13.20
      Lauren said:

      Thanks, Ashley! Happy to be a source of inspiration for you!

  2. 2.13.20
    Valerie Harvey said:

    I ordered the rug you are eyeing…and returned it. The quality/color was off to me. I purchased this one (it’s called beige but it’s gray) and absolutely love it, the quality is great and the color perfect. I don’t know why they show it bunched up because it is way too thick to do that. Happy decorating!×10-heritage-area-rug-33134563?rt=bbcolor

  3. 2.14.20
    Lindsay Scorpio said:

    Hi Lauren! Ling time follower, first time responder. hehe
    Wanted to let you know that we have that exact bench and have been unhappy with the middle legs. They tend to lean one way over time despite tightening the screws of them. Looking at the bench the middle legs don’t look perpendicular. This drives a Type A personality like me nuts! If it is on wood floors I think it would be ok because wood is stable, but carpet and/ or rug, I would be mindful! Happy Valentine’s Day, mama!

  4. 6.9.21
    Holly C said:

    Hi Lauren, Could you share what paint color you used on the walls in your new house (specifically the master bedroom)? Thanks!

    • 6.9.21
      Lauren said:

      All of the walls are SW First Star!