My Ideal Saturday Morning

Even though I work from home and could technically treat every morning like a weekend, there’s something special about a Saturday morning that just feels different. I allow myself to sleep until I naturally wake up, read or watch a show with my morning cup of coffee, and take it easy for a few hours. On work days, I get right into my day first thing in the morning, so I cherish the opportunity to have a slow, easy morning once a week.

My ideal Saturday morning would be something like this: wake up feeling well-rested and refreshed, make my coffee and read a few chapters in whatever novel I’m reading at the time, then either go out or whip up some sort of breakfast situation at home with Mike. I love a good Belgian waffle or breakfast biscuit, so I’d probably make something like that. We’d share breakfast together and then we’d either make plans to do something together in the afternoon or I’d get to working on something that I enjoy – a puzzle, browsing online sales, or redecorating a room in our house. It probably sounds pretty simple, but that’s the Saturday dream for me!

What I can pretty much guarantee will happen every Saturday, regardless of all the rest of it: I’ll have a cup of coffee in the morning and I’ll do whatever I can to stay in cozy clothes as long as possible. Even if I take the time to get ready for the day and put on some accessories, like my favorite wrap bracelets, I’m getting back into those beloved sweats and wearing them as long as I can.

Speaking of the Victoria Emerson bracelets, they’re such an easy way to finish off an outfit and make myself feel more pulled together. There’s just something about that extra step to accessorizing with jewelry that makes whatever outfit I’m wearing, even sweats, feel more intentional and styled. I’ve recently been wearing this one and this one a lot because I like how they pair perfectly with my Apple Watch. They’re currently running a Valentine’s Day Sale – almost everything is on sale, with many of my favorite wraps at or under $20!

Thanks to Victoria Emerson for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.

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  1. 2.21.20

    How come you are advertising a product that conflicts with your home business? It seems odd to me and disingenuous because you’re being paid to promote this jewelry instead of your own.
    Have a good day, Sally

    • 2.27.20
      Lauren said:

      I wear and link to a ton of other jewelry brands beyond just my own because I like to share a variety of things for those of you that choose to read and shop via my blog and social outlets.