The Vista vs. Mockingbird Stroller

The great stroller debate! Choosing a stroller is not an easy decision. There are so many options out there, it can be overwhelming! I’ve been in the unique position to have personal experience with two of the more popular strollers on the market, so I want to share that experience with you.

One of the things I knew we would buy when I was pregnant with Liam was the Uppababy Vista stroller. My sister used that stroller with all three of her kids, so I had personal experience with it and knew how much I liked it! The Mockingbird stroller was gaining some popularity at the time, so Mike looked into it a little bit. It looks similar to and has a lot of the same features of the Vista, but we weren’t able to go into a store and get our hands on it. We ended up following through with our original plan and bought the Uppababy Vista V2 stroller in White. We love it! I have no regrets on the color choice, either. I haven’t had to spot clean it one time yet!

As you’ve probably seen on Instagram, we had the opportunity to partner with Mockingbird over the summer to experience their Single-to-Double Stroller firsthand! I was so happy to have the chance to experience it and share my thoughts with you, as I know the Vista is not a feasible option for everyone’s budget. As we’ve used the Mockingbird over the last few months, I’ve found that there are things I prefer about it compared to the Vista, and vice versa. Nobody needs two strollers, of course, but we’re in a unique position to have them both, which allows me to compare them for you!

Here’s a breakdown of the some of the basic facts about each stroller:

When considering which option is a better fit, I think the prices and options for attachments and accessories is important!

What I like about the Uppababy Vista V2

It has an incredibly smooth ride. It’s like it glides across the surface. It’s also very easy to maneuver. Though it’s not a slim stroller, it’s surprisingly lightweight. When you add in a toddler, diaper bag, and anything else you keep in the lower basket, the total weight can get pretty heavy, but the Vista remains easy to push around. I like that the upper canopy can be extended upwards to give a little more headroom for growing toddlers. We’ve had to raise it up to allow Liam enough room for his head, so I like that option! The size of the basket is great – it holds quite a bit of stuff. It’s very easy to fold and unfold, too.

The frame of the Vista goes partially through the basket (easier to see in photos!). What I like about this is that there isn’t a hard piece of the frame that you accidentally kick if you’re walking a little too close to the stroller. What I don’t like about this is that it separates the basket, so you have to deal with the frame bar cutting the basket in half.

I don’t like that the second seat is limited in it’s weight capacity, making it difficult for a family with twins or having to seat the younger child in the lower rumble seat.

What I like about the Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller

I love the accessories on this stroller! In my opinion, the snack tray, cup holder, and parent organizer are far superior to the Uppababy accessories. I like that the handle bar can be rotated to find a comfortable position for holding onto the stroller. The canopy on the toddler seat seems to extend a bit further than the Vista canopy, which is important to me! While the ride isn’t quite as smooth as the Vista, it is still a smooth ride and easy to maneuver. I do notice that it is heavier, especially when I have Liam and a diaper bag in it, which makes it a less desirable stroller to use if I know I’ll be going up and down hills, etc.

In comparison to the Vista, the frame for the Mockingbird is outside of the basket. This is very nice for keeping the basket wide open and easy to throw things into, however it does mean that the frame is in the perfect position to accidentally kick if you’re walking too close to the stroller.

I really like that the second seat option isn’t as constrained by weight limits as the Vista is, making it a better option for families with twins or wanting the older child to be in the lower seat.

In an ideal world, I’d create a stroller with the smooth ride and lightweight feel of the Vista, but all the accessories and the basket of the Mockingbird. After using both, I can say that I would honestly recommend either one. Likely the factor that will greatly impact your decision will be price, which can’t be ignored. There’s a pretty significant difference!

Both strollers are very functional, aesthetically pleasing, and have a lot to offer!

***While I partnered with Mockingbird over the summer and received the stroller for free, this post and my thoughts included are separate of that partnership. This is not sponsored in any way.

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  1. 9.13.21
    Annie said:

    Thanks for posting this! Very helpful! Can the mockingbird cup holder fit on the vista? The vista cup holder isn’t my favorite!

    • 9.13.21
      Lauren said:

      I’m glad it’s helpful! It won’t fit, as far as I can tell.