My Favorite Things To Do with Liam at Home

With every new age and stage we reach, I think to myself that it’s my favorite one yet. It’s true what they say: it just keeps getting better! I’m really enjoying this stage with Liam. It’s fun to see him walk around and play, to hear him learn words and babble, and to see his little brain working when I talk to him. In just the last couple months, he’s shown us his silly side and what makes him giggle, which is sweet to see!

playroom details

We spend a lot of time at home. We’ve gotten into a good routine with our daily schedule and activities that we do together. I try to get him out once a day to change up our scenery, but sometimes that’s just bringing him along on any errands that I need to run. When we’re home, we’ve got a few things that we do together that are always a hit!

We have a little play area for him in our main living room, but the upstairs playroom is all his! We’ve got lots of toys, things to climb on, and books in there. He loves spending time in it, which makes me happy because that was my goal when I created the space for him.

He has always loved being outside, but that has increased tenfold since he learned how to walk a few months ago. He’ll just walk around the driveway, throwing balls, playing with his little golf clubs and outdoor water tables, and exploring. In the mornings, he’ll walk over to the garage door asking to go outside to play – I’m pretty sure he’d live outside, if we let him!

While he really enjoys exploring on his own outside, he loves a daily walk in his stroller. I try to get our walk in early on in the day, before it gets too hot. I’ll usually listen to a podcast while he sits in his stroller with a snack. We both love that time!

He takes a bath almost every night, but I’ve done a midday bath for fun, too! He likes to splash his toys, play with bubbles, and fill cups up with water and dump them out.

Something else we love doing is getting a subscription box, like Panda Crate from KiwiCo. Between being the first child in our house and generous family and friends, Liam doesn’t want for much in the toy department. However, I love that the Panda Crate comes with activities that are designed with his age in mind to aid in his development and learning! Crates are available for kids ages 0-16+ and are great for hands-on projects and activities. My sister’s kids proudly show off their latest creations whenever we go over to there house!

The convenience of having it delivered to your doorstep on a schedule is hard to beat – it’s like Christmas morning! You can get 30% off your first order here.

As Liam continues to grow, I’m sure out at-home activities will grow with him. No matter what, I hope he always enjoys being home and playing with me — those are some of my favorite times in life!

This post is created in partnership with KiwiCo.

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  1. 8.23.21
    Fredericksburg Katie said:

    This is so sweet! Thanks for sharing a bit of your day with him. I remember what it was like being home with just one, it comes with its own challenges, but is such a special time too.