Our Favorite Baby Things: 9-12 Months

It’s my final installment of “our favorite baby things”! It’s interesting to look back at the other toys and gear that I’ve shared to see the progression and development. It was in this chunk of time that Liam started walking, so he didn’t spend quite as much time sitting and playing with toys. He was spending just about all of his energy trying to move his body, so now that he’s mastered it, he will sit for longer to play with things. The things that we added during this span of time have proven to be very useful and items that can grow with him, too!

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My sister handed this activity cube down to us and it was a hit! It was really nice when Liam was just starting to pull himself up and learn to stand because he would stand and play at it. She used it with all of her kids and it’s still in great condition, so it lasts for years! Other toys that he loved during this age was this walker (great practice for walking!) and this musical whale that shoots out these balls. He likes to put the balls back on the slide and watch them go through the whale. As is usually true of children, he’s happy as a clam with very simple things, too! We have these plastic kid bowls for when my sister’s kids are over and he’s been playing with them for months. He’ll stack them, put things in them, or just toss them around on his play mat.

As an early first birthday gift, we got this cute wagon. He loves to ride around the yard in it or up and down the street! It will definitely come in handy in the future for things like parades, neighborhood gatherings, and more. This one comes with a canopy, cup holders, and two buckles inside to accommodate two children. You can also unzip one side to make it a little bench seat, if you’re parked somewhere. This outdoor play pen is great for keeping babies contained in the yard or at the beach!

We found these socks to be a great option, since they had the sticky bottom for walking around. I like that they are just ankle-high, too. Liam’s most beloved item that came out of this time is his Lovie. He loves his little blankets. I had a blanket as a child, too, so I get it! We started with this small one and have since introduced a bigger one. The size is great for travel/carrying around, too.

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