Top Baby Products: 0-9 Months

Since we’re technically the parents of a toddler now, I thought it could be helpful to reflect on my top recommendations for baby products. These are the things that I would tell every new parent to seriously consider. They’re the items that we used over and over again and found to be well worth the money.

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We are huge Kyte Baby fans over here! Liam has been in their sleep sacks since we transitioned him out of the swaddle. They’ve been through the washing machine plenty of times and still look good. We also love their footie pajamas and have at least one in every size so far!

In terms of gear, there’s so much out there. There are plenty of things that we’ve used and loved, but our favorites are included here. The Newton mattress is a must-have. The peace of mind that comes with a breathable crib mattress is unmatched. We’ve used the Hatch Rest since the day that he came home from the hospital. You can save “favorites”, so we have one setting for when he sleeps (no light, just white noise) and another setting for when we’re putting him down (low light, low white noise). You can just tap through the presets on the top to change it easily. We will use this for years to come as a nightlight and/or “okay to wake” clock for him!

For the newborn-6 month age, this carrier was my favorite. We put him in it almost every day, at least for a little while. It was comfortable and felt very secure without being overly bulky. We started using this bath seat once he could sit up on his own and he still has it in the bath! It’s mostly used as a containment device now, since the boy tries to stand in the tub if he’s not in it! But it’s great for letting them play and have fun in the bath while not having to have your hands holding them up the whole time.

As far as entertainment and toys, this piano gym is my go-to gift for every baby shower from now on. It’s the best! We started laying Liam on it around 6 weeks to look at the lights and listen to the music. Once he got a little older, it would entertain him for 20 minutes at a time, which allowed me to enjoy my cup of coffee nearby. As a new mom, that time was precious to me!

We’ve received a few of the playkits from Lovevery and they’re been some of Liam’s favorite toys! I love that the kits are created for baby’s development, so they help them to learn and have fun. We still use this playmat in our living room. It’s nice to have a designated spot for him to play, especially when he was learning to sit up and move around. I like that it’s easy to clean and adds a little padding underneath him.

If you’re interested in other product recommendations, I’ve shared our favorite newborn things, 2-4 months, 4-6 months, and 6-8 months.

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  1. 5.17.21
    Michele said:

    Okay to wake clocks are so great! We used it for our daughter when she transitioned out of the crib and have started it for our son, too. Such a great way for them to learn to self-regulate their sleep. We found that just a couple of weeks use for our daughter was enough ( except for Christmas morning, because Christmas;-))

  2. 8.19.21
    Lauren said:

    For the Newton mattress, did you use their waterproof mattress pad?

  3. 8.25.21
    Lori said:

    Panda crate vs lovevery?????