Our Favorite Baby Things: 6-8 Months

I’m due to share another roundup of our favorite things that we’ve used with/for Liam! In the past month or so, he’s become so much more active. A lot of people “warned” me about him becoming mobile, and while we’re just getting into it, it’s been so much better than when he was immobile! We could tell that he was getting frustrated by not being able to freely move around and explore things, doing lots of whining/complaining (understandably!) and requiring a pretty rigorous exchange of toys to keep him happy. Since he’s figured out how to army crawl, that has changed so much! He loves to scoot around, play with his toys, and discover new areas of our house. While there’s definitely another layer of monitoring that gets added with his mobility, it’s also become much more fun! You may not hear it often, but babies becoming mobile isn’t all bad 😉

Here’s a look at some of our favorite things that we used with Liam between about 6-8 months (and still use now):

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My sister got him this drum set for Christmas and he loves it! He outgrew our beloved piano gym (although it can be used with other babies – he just seemed to get bored of it), so having another musical toy that he can play has been nice.

The boy loooooves to eat, so I knew that a stroller snack tray would come in handy. We haven’t used it a ton, but I know that it will be heavily used once the weather gets a little nicer and we’re spending more time outside and on walks.

These indestructible books are great for babies, since they can’t rip or tear them. He mostly likes them for making noise/chewing on now, but they will be great for car trips and future travel, since they’re super lightweight and thin.

We got him drinking with a sippy cup during this stretch of time! Adding this to our existing bottles is what worked well for us, since he was able to learn on a similar nipple to his bottles. He’s now drinking well out of regular straws or just straight from the cup (with assistance).

The ball pit has been a fun addition to his toy/entertainment collection. He likes to get in it and just flail his arms and legs to make the balls go flying!

He deeply, deeply loves this blanket. If ever you give it to him, he snuggles up to it immediately and gets cozy. It’s very sweet!

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