9 Months with Liam

Liam turned nine months old a few days ago and I really can’t believe it! To think that he’s been on the outside for just about as long as I was pregnant with him is wild. It really feels like he’s been here for so much longer! With each month, it seems like he grows like crazy. He’s learning new skills, coming into his personality, and providing plenty of laughs for me and Mike.

He’s crawling all around our house now. He’s doing an army crawl, but that boy can move fast! He likes to chase after toys, find teeny tiny pieces of lint and debris, and really loves door stoppers (which we’re very careful about). On Mike’s to-do list is getting a baby gate installed – it’s hard to believe that we’re already at that stage!

He loves to eat! We’ve been doing a combination of purees and whatever we’re eating. He’s a big fan of broccoli cheddar soup, pickles, and pizza crust. Any time Mike or I am eating or drinking something by him, he’ll smack his lips together, letting us know that he’d very much like a taste of it. It’s cute!

We’ve recently transitioned him to a 2-nap schedule and it’s been SO nice. While the three naps worked well for him for a long time, being able to keep him awake longer during the day and just do a morning and afternoon nap has opened up much more time to actually do things. I’ll share an updated schedule, like I did in this post, soon!

He’s chatting up a storm, making lots of sounds. He makes “da da” and “ma ma” sounds, but has no idea what he’s actually saying, so we don’t put too much stock in it quite yet! He will mimic (or try to) sounds we make or things we do, like sticking our tongue out.

He’s still pretty attached to Mike and me, but is doing better about warming up faster to other people. He loves spending time with my niece and nephews – he’ll just watch what they do and crawl around by them. I’m so glad they all get to grow up together!

Overall, I feel like we’re in a good phase with him. He’s happy and is enjoying how he spends his days, which is all we could ask for!

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  1. 2.22.21
    Angelina said:

    The name of your post sounds like a good movie title : )

  2. 2.25.21
    Ciara said:

    He’s so handsome! I’d love if you could share how you went about transitioning him to the two nap schedule. My little guy is almost 9 months too and is still doing three but I know we need to make the change. Thanks!!

    • 2.25.21
      Lauren said:

      We did it gradually, probably over 2 weeks or so. We lengthened his awake time a bit during the day (between naps), as well as bumping up his bedtime to 6:30p. He’s done great with a 6:30 bedtime on two naps, so we’re sticking with that for now!