Our Favorite Baby Things: 4-6 Months

I’m overdue for updating you on our favorite things for Liam! As I shared in this post, we took a more minimalist approach to buying things before he was here. As I’m sure some of you can relate, that has changed a bit as he’s grown, haha! With every month, he got more active, engaged, and interested in things. We added more toys to our home, but also got to put some more gear to great use. Here’s a look at some of the things we used most often for 4-6 months:

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We transitioned Liam out of his swaddle (once he started showing signs of rolling over) and into one of these sleep sacks. They’re the only kind that we’ve used, so I can’t compare to another sleep sack, but we love them! Super soft, warm (we use the 1.0 tog), and easy to clean. We ended up buying a Bumbo seat for him to use when he was able to comfortably hang out in it and it worked great for him. He’s always been very observant and entertained by just watching, so I would set him up in it while prepping dinner or emptying the dishwasher and he was happy! Once we started feeding him solids, bibs became very necessary. We like these!

For toys, he’s been wildly entertained by this moving bee. It plays music and will just drive itself around on the floor. He likes to just watch it and try to grab it when it comes by. It’s also great to encourage them to scoot, once they get to that age! Somewhere in this time frame, he outgrew his piano gym (but it is still in my top 3 must-have for a baby), so we swapped it for this play gym. Since he was sitting up, he liked having things to reach for! Worth noting, we still have his piano gym set up in his little playroom, which he’ll sit up to and play with for a little bit, but gets bored of it faster than he did when he was only able to lay under it.

As far as gear goes, we have loved using his high chair! It’s very easy to clean and I love that we will be able to use it for years to come, since it will grow with him. Since he started sitting up during this time, we also decided to finally buy a bath accessory and get this seat. It has been great! Before he was sitting up, I would just lay him on a bath towel in the tub (I never had a baby tub), which worked well. Since he wanted to start sitting up and playing, I wanted an option for him to sit on his own (so that I didn’t have to have my hand behind his back the whole time) and play. This seat has been well worth it!

The last honorable mention is our crib mattress! It’s 100% breathable and gives us the peace of mind that we need. It was especially helpful to have for when we first transitioned him into his crib. I was actually able to sleep at night knowing that he was on that mattress! P.S. You can get $50 off + free shipping when your order directly from the website with code LAURENBOWN.

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  1. 1.25.21
    Amber said:

    I noticed in your stories you have the ikea high chair… just curious why you don’t use it? I bought it a day ago and regret it.

    • 1.28.21
      Lauren said:

      The IKEA one is from my sister and just for travel (driving, obviously!), since our everyday high chair does not breakdown easily.

  2. 2.17.21
    Bridget Black said:

    As Liam gets older are you finding the love every play gym is still worth it and interesting to him?? It looks like such a great option but our second son Hess is already 6 months and I’m wondering if I can justify the price tag. It’s your opinion? Thanks for taking the time to reply!!

    • 2.18.21
      Lauren said:

      He stopped showing much interest in it around 6/7 months, so we put it in storage! Obviously every baby is different, but this has been our experience with it!

  3. 9.5.21
    Lori said:

    Could you please link the outdoor deck play sink? So cute, can’t find on your blog!!!!!

    Thank you!!!!

  4. 10.2.21
    Aimee said:

    Hi Lauren.

    I thought you had shared what you used for Liam teething but cannot find it! Did you have a recommended product for teething?

    • 10.4.21
      Lauren said:

      The only thing I’ve shared is the teething oil from wellements!