Our Favorite Baby Things: 2-4 Months

I took a very minimalist approach to shopping before Liam was born. I registered for and purchased all the things I knew we’d want and use, like a stroller, bouncer, baby carrier, etc. but didn’t buy anything that we might use in the future. I didn’t want to store things that we may not have ever ended up using. That approach worked well for us because we were able to see the holes and gaps in gear/products for him once he was actually here and we were living our lives. Since Liam came out of the newborn sleepiness and became more active, we’ve definitely expanded our collection of products. Mostly toys, but some other things products that we found very useful. Here’s a look at some of our most used and loved things for 2-4 months (we still use all of them now!).

Playkits // Crinkle Paper Toy // Baby Carrier // Stroller // Piano Gym // Teether // Pajamas // Stroller Insert // Activity Center // Play Mat

We love the Lovevery play kits! I don’t have any experience with any other subscription box like that, but I would highly recommend looking into Lovevery. Their kits come with a great amount of toys and things that help baby with their development at that age. We have toys from other places, but Liam consistently goes back to the things we’ve gotten in the play kits. It’s in those playkits that we first learned of his deep, deep affection for crinkle paper toys. They would make a great gift for expectant or new parents, too!

Our Uppababy Vista Stroller has proven to be worth every dang penny and we’ve only used it for 5 months! We love that thing. It’s so smooth, easy to use, has a good amount of storage, and is very durable. We used the bassinet attachment for walks with Liam for the first 6-7 weeks or so, but then he wasn’t lasting quite as long for the walks. He’s been very alert and observant since the day he was born, so I wanted to get him into the toddler seat as soon as I could. Once he developed some more neck strength, we got the Snugseat insert for the toddler seat and that was a game changer! When we was still small, I would recline the toddler seat so that he was almost laying down, but he was secure in the insert and could see much more than he was able to in the bassinet.

The #1 thing I would tell new/expectant parents to buy, in terms of toys, is this piano gym. Hands down. We have used it since Liam was teeny tiny and he loves it. Yes, the songs get stuck in your head and haunt you at night, but helping baby learn a little independent play from a young age is well worth it! Things have changed a bit now, but I used to get a solid 20-25 minutes of Liam playing on it in the morning before he needed a change of scenery. That was plenty of time for me to drink my first cup of coffee, which was very nice!

The baby carrier we’ve used far more than any other is the BabyBjorn Mini carrier. We’ve used it since Liam was tiny and still use it on a very regular basis. It’s comfortable, easy to use, and can hold baby facing in or out. I highly recommend!

I’ll continue to share the toys and gear that we find most helpful and worthwhile as he grows!

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  1. 11.6.20
    Emily said:

    I just have to share– after watching your Insta stories with the piano toy, I bought it for my son (7 weeks old today!) during a sleep-deprived 3 AM feeding session and he loves it too! But you’re right, those dang songs…

    • 11.8.20
      Lauren said:

      Haha yes, they will haunt you. But the independent play is WORTH IT!

  2. 11.8.20
    Mic said:

    Did you use a swing for him? If so, which one?

    • 11.9.20
      Lauren said:

      We didn’t. We had a little automatic bouncer, but he never really liked it. Much preferred being held, laying in a dockatot, or in a carrier!