2023 Recap

As 2024 starts, I thought it would be fun to reflect a bit on the previous year. It’s hard to believe an entire year has been lived since my last yearly recap. It was special to go back and read through that knowing all that this year has brought. It was a very big year for our family, for sure!

The most obvious thing that happened of note was welcoming Cam and Audrey into our family. I still cannot believe that we have twins and that we are parents to 3 kids, but it’s true! I have experienced more joy as a mom than I knew possible this year. It is incredible to look into their 3 faces and know that they’re OURS. I have loved the experience of being a twin mom and excitedly look forward to what all the years will bring as they grow. Learning how to care for twins has been the hardest thing we’ve ever done, too. The babies have been pretty happy, easy-going babies from the beginning and it has still been an immense amount of work the last 9 months. But Mike and I have worked together as a team, taking it one day at a time. I’m proud of how we have stepped into this new phase of life and how we have “weathered the storm” of all the changes and challenges that have come up.

The best thing I’ve done for myself this year is asked for help. I’m one of those people that thinks I can do it all. Becoming a mom to 3 kids under 3 very quickly taught me that I cannot, and that is okay. I have asked for more help this year than ever in my life and guess what? It’s been great!

My professional life sort of got turned on its head with the arrival of the babies, for obvious reasons. Truthfully, it’s been difficult for me to get into a solid rhythm since they’ve been born, but I’ve learned to go with the flow. I’ve made up time where I needed to and learned how to do things even more efficiently than before. While I miss the predictability of an extremely reliable schedule, I know for certain that it will not always be this way. I won’t always have little kids that need me a lot. So, I’m doing my best to enjoy this season of life while it is here, while also trying to make the best of the time that I do have to focus on the things that I want to focus on. I’ve had to learn how to be more flexible this year and it’s been good for me.

I’ve had the opportunity to continue partnering with some of my favorite brands and to develop new relationships with brands that I love. I’ve had many meaningful conversations with you all via Instagram DM’s and met several of you out in the wild. I appreciate this job more and more each year. It allows me to be home and present with my kids, while also doing something that I’m passionate about while supporting my family. While it has its challenges, I wouldn’t change it.

We haven’t traveled nearly as much as we would like to or have in the past, but our time for that will come. We’re in a season of life where it’s just a lot easier to stay home where we have all the things we need for daily life. We’re feeling like we’re ready to travel again and may attempt a short weekend trip somewhere just the 5 of us to see how it goes. I’m definitely excited to be able to make memories as a family this upcoming year!

It feels like so much has happened this year and yet not much at the same time. Like our entire life changed and yet we’re still in a similar place. It’s a nice feeling – there’s comfort and peace in it, which makes me happy!

As always, thank you for being here! Thank you for your support, kindness, and friendship. This would not be the same without you, so know that I appreciate you all!

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Looking forward to 2024 with you all!

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