Day to Day Things I Use to Stay Organized

Staying organized while running my business is a top priority for me. Honestly, staying organized in life is a top priority! I function better, am more productive, feel less stress, and am overall happier when my life feels organized. If you’re either seeking to be more organized or simply like to hear what other people use, I thought I’d share some of the things I use on a daily and weekly basis to keep all my ducks in a row.

Notes App on iPhone

I utilize my notes app daily. Whether I’m checking my weekly to-do list*, writing a grocery list, jotting down things I need to remember, or otherwise, it’s one of my most-used apps on my phone. I love that my notes sync across my devices and I can even create notes that I invite Mike to collaborate on.

*My weekly to-do list is something I started doing a couple months ago that has helped me immensely. It’s largely work-based, but I also put personal tasks in. I write out all the days of the week in bold, then start a checklist under each day of everything that needs to get done that day. I create the list on Sunday or Monday morning for the week and then check things off as I go. I reference that list throughout each day to make sure I’m staying on task, accomplishing the things I’m hoping to accomplish, and meeting deadlines that are set for me.

Acrylic Wall Calendar

This wall calendar lives in our mudroom, just inside the door. I use it for an “at-a-glance” look at the month. I put in Liam’s preschool schedule, travel dates, and events. It’s helpful to see the big picture and quickly look at it heading out the door, if need be. For more detailed scheduling, I use the calendar app on my iPhone!

Calendar App on iPhone

Another app that I use all the time on my phone is the calendar app. I have my google calendars integrated, so every calendar I keep is in there. It’s really helpful for inviting Mike to things (even though he’ll still ask me about what day something is happening, haha!), keeping track of my personal and professional events, and collaborating with my team.

Pen and Paper

While I have switched over to a lot of digital organization tools, sometimes pen and paper is just best. Whether it’s a last minute “don’t forget” note, a quick to-do list to reference, or something else, I will always utilize a pen and paper combo!

Photos by Whitney Gremaud

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  1. 1.23.23
    Rachel Brink said:

    Hey Lauren!
    I noticed your planner/calendar and really love the size and looks of it. Can you tell me where you got it?!

    • 1.24.23
      Lauren said:

      Hi! This one was from Target.