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Lighting is an important part of styling a room. It can help contribute to the overall look and feel of the room you’re trying to create. It’s also helpful for setting the tone, like creating a cozy, welcoming feel. When we bought our first home in Virginia, I was finally able to play around with changing out light fixtures (I’d only been in rentals prior to that, which I didn’t feel like messing with). It was amazing to me how much swapping out a light fixture could change a room! Our townhouse has been built in the early 90’s with light fixtures to show for it. We ended up changing out nearly every single one to create the more modern, simple look we liked and it was amazing how much of an impact that had! Upon moving into this home in Raleigh, I knew I would want to swap out some of the builder-grade materials for fixtures that fit our style better. There are still a few rooms that I haven’t changed yet, but here’s a review of the lighting choices I have made for our home.

The Entryway

I love the sleek and modern look of this flush mount pendant we have in here. Our entryway isn’t huge, so I didn’t want to have a chandelier or standard pendant light that cut into the overhead space in the area. This one adds just the right amount of diffused light and fills the space just right!

My Light: Conical 24″ Semi-Flush Fixture from Rejuvenation (Get Similar Here on Amazon)

More Entryway Lighting Options:


The Kitchen

This pendant over the island was already here when we purchased our house, so we didn’t pick it out. I like it a lot! It fills the space appropriately and has the clean, modern lines that I tend to go for.

My Light: Perryton Hanging Island Chandelier from Sea Gull Lighting

More Island Lighting Options

There is nothing better than lamp light. There, I said it. I would take lamp light over overhead lights every day. A lamp, especially in the kitchen, just creates such a cozy and inviting vibe. I turn this lamp on nearly every day in the mornings, so that we can get some light without the harshness of the cans.

My Light: Montreal Wren Table Lamp from Target

More Kitchen Lamp Options


The Dining Room

I love this chandelier in the dining room! I wanted something modern and simple, since that’s the vibe of this space. It goes well with the other lighting that I have chosen for adjacent spaces on our first floor.

My Light: Elijah 5 Chandelier from Wayfair

More Dining Room Lighting Options


My Light: Old but Similar Options Linked Below

More Dining Room Lamp Options


My Office

My office is a little more “glam” than the rest of our home. I wanted to create a space that inspired creativity, but was calming and very much my style. This pendant is so beautiful whether it’s turned on or off. It’s like a piece of art!

My Light: Luna Capiz Pendant Light from CB2

More Office Lighting Options


My Light: Metal Tripod Floor Lamp by Studio McGee

More Office Floor Lamp Options


The Living Room

We still have the original fan light as the main overhead fixture in this room, which we’ve had on our list to change or about 2 years! I just can’t decide what I want to put up there. In the meantime, we utilize a lot of lamp light because lamps are superior.

My Lights: Ceramic Lamp from Target

More Living Room Lamp Options

The Porch

Our porch is one of my favorite spaces in our entire home – it’s something I dreamed of having one day! Mike hung the globe lights along the ceiling, which add that fun outdoor lighting feel. I added a lamp to the side table to create some extra atmosphere to the space. Plus a lamp outside is maybe even more cozy than a lamp inside!

My Lights: Ceramic Table Lamp from Target and Outdoor Bulb Lights

More Outdoor Lamp Options


Our Bedroom

This chandelier is a showstopper. It is *stunning*. I waited for it to go on sale before buying, but it is truly worth it, IMO. We have a pretty large bedroom, so it helps to anchor the room and create a focal point. It fills some of the headspace nicely and adds a good amount of light to the room!

My Light: Fairmont Chandelier from Serena & Lily

More Bedroom Chandelier Options


My Light: Old but Similar Options Linked Below

Other Bedroom Lamp Options


The Playroom

Another pendant that I love! I was originally looking at more modern, breakable options for the playroom before realizing I needed something durable. This one doesn’t add a ton of light, but this room gets a lot of natural light. It does help to anchor the space and creates the overall vibe and feel of the room that I was going for!

My Lights: Headlands Bell Pendant from Serena & Lily and Gold Floor Lamp

More Playroom Pendant Lighting Options

More Playroom Floor Lamp Options

Some images included by Whitney Gremaud.

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