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As we’re stepping into fall and getting settled into a new routine and schedule for my family, I thought it could be interesting to share what a typical work week looks like for me. Being a full-time content creator is a lot of work, but comes with a good bit of flexibility, too. While I don’t have a typical M-F 9-5, I do try to maintain a work schedule for myself. This allows me to plan out everything that I need to get done and provides the structure that I need to my days to be productive.

This fall, my work days will fall on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. But no, I don’t just work 3 days a week. I do tasks related to my job every single day, though I try to cut back on the weekends to actually rest and enjoy time with my family. My “work days” are the days I have set aside for computer work, creating content for brands, creating organic content to share on my website and social media, and tending to my inbox. These are the days that I have drafts due, calls with my manager, and deadlines set on.

Here’s a sample of my week:


Wake up early, grab some coffee + something to eat, and head to my computer. Check my inbox and Basecamp. Draft any blog posts for the week, manage my calendar, check off to-do’s from the weekend, plan out my tasks for the day. Get ready for the day and get to whatever is on my list. Some days are heavy on creating content for brands, so I may shoot 3-5 separate campaigns for different brands. This requires outfit changes, reviewing the guidelines for the content, creating said content, drafting the text overlay for the stories, and sending it off to my manager to send to the brands. Some get done faster than others, so this could be a small part of my day or the entire work day. If I have extra time after creating brand content, I will work on creating organic content. Reels, in-feed posts, stories, and blog posts. This involves shooting videos, taking photos, planning outfits, linking products, and assigning tasks to my assistants to help out. My assistant, Chelsea, and I usually create a content calendar a month ahead of time, so I work ahead on content ideas that we have coming up in the month. During this, I check in on stories and chat with you guys or share what I’m doing. I try to wrap my day around 5p, so that I can have some time to hang out with Liam before preparing dinner. Once Liam is in bed, occasionally I’ll have some content to publish, which requires 10-15 minutes on my phone. After that, I try to put my phone down for the rest of  the day and enjoy the evening with Mike!


While these aren’t dedicated work days, I typically still do tasks related to my job! I spend the mornings with Liam up until his nap. Once he’s down for a nap, I may get ready for the day and shoot any organic or sponsored content that I didn’t get to on Monday or Wednesday, or will just work on my computer. If it’s neither of those things, I may be organizing products for upcoming shoots/campaigns, sourcing products to share, or brainstorming new ideas for content. These days are kind of like overflow work days – they can be used to catch up or to work ahead, whichever one makes more sense!


Like I said earlier, I try my best to take the weekends off, at least from creating new content. If I have leftover to-do’s from the week, I will get to them on Saturday morning. If not, I may spend some time looking ahead at the week upcoming, sharing a few things on stories, or planning out some content for the next week. I tend to take some time off my phone, so that I can be refreshed once Monday morning rolls around!

So there’s a little snapshot of what a typical work week may look like for me! Like I said, it’s pretty fluid. If I have an appointment on Wednesday morning, I shift Tuesday to a half workday and make up for lost time there, etc.

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  1. 9.7.22
    Lena said:

    Have you ever had a job that requires you to be in the office or report to a boss (besides an internship or college)? How lucky to get to have such autonomy!

    • 9.8.22
      Lauren said:

      Nope, I have built my own businesses and worked for myself my entire career!

  2. 1.18.23
    Jessica said:

    I love these peeks behind the biz. So many people don’t understand the work that goes into what you do. People seem to think blogging & content creation is just for fun but I understand it’s a full time, actual j-o-b for some like you. For what it’s worth, I think you do a fab job!

    • 1.19.23
      Lauren said:

      That means a lot – thank you!