We’re Having a Boy!

We found out on Monday that we will be welcoming a BOY into our family in May! We are overjoyed and so excited to meet our baby boy and get to know him.

Heading into the 20-week anatomy scan ultrasound, I had pretty much no inclination as to whether I was carrying a boy or a girl. From very early on in my pregnancy, Mike was quite confident that we were going to be having a boy. His unwavering prediction made me start to believe that he might be right! So, we walked in with him pretty much knowing the tech would confirm his feelings, and I was still completely in the dark. The technician started doing her thing, checking on the baby and making sure everything was looking just how it should. She confirmed a couple times with us that we did, in fact, want to know what we were having, and then told us to look at the screen! Neither of us were sure of what we were looking at, mostly because we didn’t know what angle she had on him, so it took a moment to realize that she was showing us what we needed to see. She verbally confirmed that he’s a boy and I instantly started crying! I didn’t anticipate having such an emotional reaction, but there’s something about knowing your baby just a little bit more that made my connection to him feel that much stronger. For the next couple days, I would be going about my life and randomly think, “we’re having a BOY!” and feel so happy and grateful.

Aside from the very exciting news of knowing what he is, we were thrilled to hear that he’s growing just how he should be and looking good in there. It was so cool to have the tech point out all his little organs and body parts and show us what all has changed since the last time we saw him.

I cannot wait to see Mike hold our son for the first time. Just thinking about it makes me tear up! I hope he looks just like him and gets his sweet and thoughtful demeanor, too. I’d be okay if he got my organization skills 😉

Some days, it feels like the day we get to meet him is so far away. Others, I can’t believe he’ll be here with us in just a few short months!

I’ve purchased a few little outfits for him from H&M, but have lots of fun shopping to do in the future.

Thank you for sharing in our excitement over our news! I’ve gotten so many messages out there from fellow boy moms about how much they love having a son and how special their bond is and it makes me so excited for what is to come!

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  1. 1.10.20
    Sierra said:

    Congratulations! That’s so exciting. As a mom of three boys I can say there is something so special about having a little guy. They sure love their Mamas extra hard <3

  2. 1.10.20
    Stephanie said:

    YAY! Congrats! Boys are so much fun-you will have a blast!

  3. 1.11.20
    Lindsey said:

    Congratulations!! Boys are the best! I have two and they are definitely my little buddies. So cuddly, sweet, and protective. You and Mike are going to make wonderful parents. 😊