Simple Hosting Tips for the Holiday Season

While I’m certainly no expert, I do enjoy hosting people in our home! I love thinking through what appetizers to serve, preparing the house, and then welcoming people into our home and making them feel comfortable. I know it can be a bit overwhelming sometimes, but there are some simple things that everyone can do to make hosting a little easier.

  1. Provide food and drinks. There’s no easier way to make people happy at your home than providing them with food and drinks. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate appetizer spread and cocktail list either! You can put together an easy appetizer or simple cheese board (more fun charcuterie board options here). Put out a pitcher of ice water and then offer your guests a glass of wine or beer after they arrive.
  2. Set the mood with good lighting. I’m a light snob, I’ll admit it. I generally don’t like overhead lighting, so we make a lot of use of our lamps! Before guests arrive, flip on some lamps and see if you can turn off some of the overhead lights. If you have an overhead light on a dimmer switch, turn it down just enough to take the edge of any harshness.
  3. Light a candle or put a simmer pot on. I think everyone enjoys walking into a home that smells good! Light your favorite candle an hour or two before guests arrive to fill your home with a lovely aroma.
  4. Turn on some music. I usually put on some sort of “chill music” playlist on our Amazon Echo in our kitchen before people come over. I keep the volume just low enough that people don’t have to talk over it, but loud enough that you can still hear it. It adds a nice calming ambiance and can fill in the gaps in any silence in conversation.

Images by Whitney Gremaud

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