My Current Hair Styling Routine

I’ve seen some requests to share how I curl my hair, so here is an updated video for you! I have used the same method for years – if you’ve watched my previous hair tutorial videos, you already know how I do it!

Step by Step Routine

Section Hair

I clip about half my hair up so I can start on the sections underneath. You don’t have to do this but it helps me ensure I don’t miss any hair when I’m curling.

Begin Curling

I use a 1″ T3 Curling Wand (they don’t make my exact model anymore but this is a link for the updated kit). I wrap about 1.5″ to 2″ sections around the wand, wrapping the hair away from my face, and hold it vertically next to my head.

Move on to the Top Sections

Once I finish with the bottom, I undo the clip and start on the top. I like to briefly flat iron these sections using my T3 Flat Iron (new version linked here) just to make everything looks more sleek, then I curl it using the same method I did for the bottom half.

Texturize & Tease

I spray my hair all over with the Navy Texture Spray and then tease the back of my hair a little using this comb.

Set the Style

For the final step, I set the curls using Kenra Volume & Finishing Spray.

More Tips & Tricks

  • I like to flat iron the very ends of my hair for a little bit of a sleeker, smoother curled style (more of a beach wave look).
  • Let your curls cool all the way before touching them.
  • I don’t brush my curls out – I rake through with my fingers before finishing my styling.
  • To sleep at night, I just lay my hair up on my silk pillowcase and the curls stay for the most part. If I need to, I can go in and retouch a couple the next day (but I actually like the relaxed curl of day 2 a little bit more than freshly curled).

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