Weekly Recap 5.17.2024

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It’s my first baby’s birthday weekend! I cannot believe that Liam will be 4 years old on Sunday! To celebrate, we’re going bowling with the whole family – his pick 🙂 I’m excited to celebrate him and make him feel very special for the day. 

We’re in the midst of finalizing some summer travel plans, which I’m looking forward to! We’ve got a couple trips to South Carolina and one to Wisconsin for the 4th of July. While travel isn’t easy with the kids, it certainly feels much more approachable at their current ages than it did last summer. I’m excited to get to do some more things this year and go on our favorite annual trips again! 

I’m itching for another project to work on at home, so I’m brainstorming some things I can do. A big project we’d like done is our laundry room, but I’m thinking a little playroom overhaul may be the next one. I need to go through all the toys, maybe rearrange the space, and freshen it up for the kids! 

Have a great weekend! 

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