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2024 is the year of home projects for us! I’ve shared a little here and there, but I started this year feeling a strong desire to really make our house work for us. We’ve done some things already, but I’m finally feeling ready to paint some rooms and do some bigger projects we’ve wanted to do since moving in 4 years ago. I feel like we know how we live here now and that we’re officially a family of 5, so it’s a bit easier to make those big decisions based on what we know!

With that, I’m starting a new series here where I’ll share a monthly recap of all the projects/changes that we’ve done that month, as well as our wishlist for the upcoming month. It will be a fun way to follow along with everything we’re doing and (selfishly) a great way to keep me accountable to what we’d love to accomplish. I’m thankful that Mike is always on board for things like this, so we’re both excited about the things we want to do!

Let’s take a look back at January.

This Month At Home, We've....

Finished Our Primary Bedroom Refresh

We got a new bedroom set and I love it!

bedroom furniture links

Met With A Landscape Designer

We’re planning some things for our backyard so there will hopefully be a lot to share about this over the next few months! Here’s a before shot of the space we’re working with.

Found The Perfect Bench For The End Of Our Bed

I loved the one we had, but I wanted something a little lighter to balance all the darker furniture and something with a smaller footprint.

bedroom bench link

Started Shopping For Spring Decor

We’ve had a couple warm days recently and it’s gotten me in the mood to start doing some spring shopping!

hydrangea art link

Finally Found A Dining Room Light Replacement

This one is from West Elm and helps complete the space!

new light link

Goal List For Next Month

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