What I’ve Bought Recently From Amazon (February 2023)

A look at some of the things I’ve ordered from Amazon recently…

  1. Philips Hue Smart Plug — This was actually one of my Christmas gifts from Mike and I love it! I use it for my lamp on my nightstand, which is just out of reach. I love that I can get into bed and read or scroll on my phone, then just do a quick “Alexa” command and have lights out.
  2. Revlon Skin Lights — I ordered this to try out after seeing multiple people share it on Tik Tok. I always love finding a good drugstore recommendation, so I will report back!
  3. Clear Drawer Organizers — Because pregnancy nesting is a real thing and I want to organize every square inch of my house.
  4. Silicone Oven Mits — I was in pretty desperate need of some new oven mitts and these caught my eye. I like that they’re silicone versus fabric, like I had before. So far, so good!
  5. Ice Roller Set — I’ve seen people use ice rollers a lot on social media and finally caved on buying one. I’ll admit it is a great way to wake yourself up in the morning! I don’t use it every day, but will reach for it when I think of it. It’s supposed to help circulate your blood and reduce swelling, among other things.
  6. Citrus Juicer — I found myself wishing I had something like this for larger quantities of fresh-squeezed citrus.
  7. Apple Watch Bands — I ordered these adjustable bands to wear my watch around my ankle when walking & working on my treadmill. Since my arms are pretty stationary while typing on my laptop, putting my watch on my ankle actually tracks my distance.
  8. Kindred Bravely Maternity Leggings –If you’ve paid attention to any of my maternity recommendations, you already know about these! I wear them nearly every day, so I bought another pair to have available to me. The slight compression in the full-panel helps support my belly so much! Plus they’re just very comfortable and fit well. 10/10 recommend!
  9. Over the Door Organizer — I added this to the linen closet door in our bathroom and it’s great for extra storage!
  10. Contact and Password Journal — Every Christmas, I find myself texting people asking for their addresses because I wasn’t keeping them logged somewhere. I could certainly have a digital copy of them, but there’s something nice about a physical paper copy!

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