Our Family Ornament Tradition

One of my favorite traditions that my mom passed down to me is getting a Christmas ornament every year. I have a box full of Christmas ornaments starting with my very first Christmas! I treasure them. Whenever I look through them, it reminds me of all the Christmases that I helped my mom decorate the tree and we would look through all the ornaments I had collected over the years. I continued the tradition for Mike and I the year that we got engaged, 2016. Every year, I buy at least one ornament that represents something from that year. For example, I bought an Eiffel Tower ornament in 2017 because we spent part of our honeymoon in Paris. Once Liam was born, I started buying ornaments for him, too! My mom has added to his collection as well, so he’ll have a whole box of ornaments from me and grandparents for how own tree one day.

Here are a few examples of some of our yearly ornaments:

For Liam’s First Christmas // For Our Honeymoon in Paris

For Our First Christmas as a Family of Three

For Our First Married Christmas // For A New House and New Baby in 2020

I love that it’s an easy stocking stuffer gift that means a lot. It’s something special to pass down to our kids that they will get to have with them in their own homes with their own families.


Engagement & First Year Married Ornaments


Travel Ornaments


First/New House Ornaments


Pregnant & New Baby Ornaments


New Pet Ornaments

Images by Whitney Gremaud

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