How I Pack Toiletries and Liquids for Traveling

Do you have any summer travel plans? We’ve got a few things on the calendar, which I’m looking forward to! I’m one of those people that actually enjoys packing a suitcase for a trip. There’s just something about getting organized and having a place for everything that makes my Type A brain happy! I thought I would share a bit about how I like to organize and pack my liquids and toiletries for travel, especially if I’m just taking a carry-on suitcase on a plane and need to have a small amount with me.

No matter if I’m using a carry-on suitcase or checking a bag, I always use small pouches and cases to store my items. It makes the packing process easier, plus keeps my suitcase more organized. As we’ve added Liam’s stuff to the travel mix, I’ve found it even more helpful to have things sorted into pouches with labels, so that we can always find what we’re looking for and know what we have.

For packing liquids in a carry-on bag according to the regulations, I like using small containers like the ones in this set. For $16, you get a variety of containers, spoons for putting liquids in containers, labels, and the carrying case. It includes a good assortment of container types, too! I like the small containers for things like moisturizer and sunscreen. I like to use the squeeze bottles for shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, and similar. If you bring sprays with you, you can transfer a small amount into the spray bottles to have just what you need.

More often than not, I’m having to pare down the amount of products that I use based on what I can fit in my liquids bag. I make swaps for non-liquid items when I can, like using a cleansing balm instead of a liquid cleanser or toning pads instead of liquid toner. With the remaining items that are liquid and have no substitute, I pack the most important ones first, then see what else I can fit in! All of the liquid items go into a clear pouch that I can pull out at security at the airport, should I need to.

Aside from packing up liquids and toiletries, another thing I like to do is use this set of zipper pouches (only $16!) for all the other small things. Things like charging cords, sunglasses, hair accessories, Liam’s toiletries, medicines, and more. They each get their own pouch with a label (using this label maker, which I love!), so that I know what is in each one.

While it takes a little extra work on the front-end to get everything organized and sorted out, it makes for a smoother travel experience and lower likelihood of losing or misplacing something while away from home!

Here are some other containers and options for packing toiletries and liquids:


one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine

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  1. 4.19.22
    Jessica C said:

    Love this! I want to go on a fun trip and order those zippered pouches!

  2. 3.1.24
    Veena Pannu said:

    Hi! Thanks for these helpful tips. You mentioned a cleansing facial balm. Can you please give some more details? I never know what to use during travel especially if carrying just cabin baggage in a flight. Also, do you use the products in the travel containers after your trip and refill for next time? Wondering if they can be left in the containers for a while or will they get outdated?
    Warm regards from Evans, GA

    • 3.1.24
      Lauren said:

      I’ve used and like Elemis and Colleen Rothschild cleansing balms. I usually use up the products in my travel containers once we return home then wash them out to be used the next time we travel!