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We’ve got a few trips planned for the spring, so that has me thinking about my favorite bags and things that I always travel with. I thought I’d share, in case you also have some upcoming travel to plan for!

  1. Small Clear Case for Toiletries, Skincare, Extras – I love my Truffle bags! My sister got me hooked on them years ago and I can’t quit. I love that they’re clear, so you can see exactly what is in each one. They hold up well and are easy to clean, too. I like to use this smaller one for things like my razor, dental care, hair ties, and the like.
  2. Larger Clear Case for Toiletries, Skincare, Extras – This big one is great for bottles and larger containers of products. I usually pack my entire skincare routine in one, along with bulkier items that need the extra room, like hair clips and haircare bottles.
  3. Portable Charger – I rarely travel without one of these – easily one of my best Amazon purchases! I love having it for the actual traveling part, but also as a spare to have with me during my trip.
  4. Travel Mirror – In case the bathroom mirror set up isn’t ideal for getting ready or I’m sharing space with Mike and need a separate mirror! The light makes all the difference in even makeup application.
  5. Travel Tote (more affordable option) – I love a big travel tote to carry all the things with me. This one is nice because it’s comfortable to carry and easily slides onto a suitcase.
  6. Packing Cubes (more affordable option) – I got some like this a few years ago and love them for staying organized in my bags. It helps me to separate things like swimsuits or underwear from the rest of my clothes.
  7. Cable Ties – Keep all your cables organized when traveling, so you don’t have a big mess to deal with when you need a cord.
  8. Travel Steamer – A must-have for getting out clothing wrinkles from being in a suitcase. I never travel without this!
  9. Travel Case Set – I got this set a few years ago as a gift and still use it every time I travel. The larger one is big enough for all of my makeup (and then some!) and the smaller one is great for things like charging cords, hair ties, and other small things.
  10. Extra Long Charging Cable – You never know the setup in a hotel/rental for charging your phone, so I like to pack an extra long cord to give myself the best chance of having my phone nearby when I’m sleeping!

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