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Have you caught the new year organizing/purging/decluttering bug? It’s usually right around this time every year that I want to fully revamp my house…just a small task. With the holidays being chaotic, systems and organization usually fall by the wayside. Once things settle back down in the new year, I like to get a handle on my closets, pantry, and clothing storage again.

While I love the idea of a perfectly curated, “The Home Edit” style pantry, those always feel a little unrealistic to me. Like, where does my Costco-sized bag of Skinny Pop go? Anyway, I like to have a mix of some organizational bins, drawers, and baskets, along with the reality of some things just not having a “home”. I’ve purchased my fair share of the aforementioned items from Amazon over the last year or two, so I thought I would revisit that list for you, if you’re in the market!

  1. Pot and Pan Organizer – we use this in the open cabinet under our cooktop. While it’s working for the meantime, I’m considering building out that cabinet a bit to make it even more functional!
  2. Lazy Susan Tiered Makeup Organizer – this is one of my favorite Amazon purchases of all time. I keep it on top of my bathroom counter to house all of my daily use skincare products.
  3. Storage Containers with Lids – I love storing Liam’s snacks, nuts, popcorn, and other things in containers like this in our pantry.
  4. Pot Lid Organizer – the perfect accompaniment to the pot and pan organizer above.
  5. Acrylic Nail Polish Holder – I have this in my linen closet to house all my nail polish — keeps it all upright and in a manner that I can easily see what color I want to grab.
  6. Lipstick Organizer – If you’re a lipstick junkie, an organizer like this is helpful for keeping them all in one place.
  7. Clear Jar Set – I love little jars in guest bathrooms to house things like q-tips, cotton balls, and other necessities.
  8. Label Maker – I love a good labeled basket, so a portable label maker like this is great to have!
  9. Velvet Hangers – My favorite hangers! Something about matching hangers just brings the clutter level down, even in a full closet!
  10. Clear Acrylic Shelves – I did this DIY spice rack last year and love having it in our pantry. It’s much easier to access than in a cabinet in the kitchen.
  11. Stackable Organizer Drawers – I use these in my linen closet to store all of my products in a manageable way. Here’s a full post on how I organized it!

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