Simple Tips for Preparing for Guests

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As the holidays draw near, you may be anticipating hosting some family and friends for various occasions. I know that hosting can be a little overwhelming, or maybe you’re just busy and don’t have a ton of time to prep for it! Either way, I thought I would share a few simple tips that I’ve implemented over the years to make preparing for guests a little easier.

Simple tips for preparing for guests:

  • Always wash the bedding after guests stay with you, so that it’s clean and ready to go for next time. This also means that your guest bed is ready to go for anything – a last-minute visit, someone needing a place to crash for the night, etc.
  • Shortly before your guest(s) arrive, light a candle, turn on a lamp, or spray with a little room spray to create an inviting space. This is a super simple touch that make a big difference when your guest walks into the area they’ll be calling “home” during their stay.
  • If you want to take that a step further, put a fresh floral arrangement in the room. Another fairly simple touch that creates a welcoming feeling and adds some life to a space!
  • Have extra linens/blankets in the closet or nearby for them to grab, should they need them. I’ve been in places before where this wasn’t an option and I wished that I could find a blanket in the middle of the night!
  • If you can, stock the bathroom they’ll be using with basic products, like soap, shower necessities, a spare toothbrush, a hair dryer, and the like.
  • If you want to take it a step further, you can set up a little drink & snack station in the room! Even just a small basket of a salty and sweet treat and some water. It’s fun to put together and can be an easy way to make acquaintances feel even more comfortable in your home!

Ultimately, of course, the best way to prepare for guests is to just open your home and make people feel welcomed. No matter what the room or accommodations look like, your guest will remember how they felt when they stayed with you.

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  1. 9.21.21
    Sheryl Henderson said:

    I stayed at my brothers house recently. In their guest room they had a cute card printed with the WiFi password, where to find extra towels, toilet paper, soap, shampoo, etc. and where to put the used towels (in the laundry chute inside the bedroom closet). I felt like I was staying in a bed and breakfast.

  2. 12.6.22
    Morgan Gillespie said:

    what is this paint color?