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Have you ever been invited to a shower or wedding of someone you didn’t know very well? Maybe it’s a family friend or someone you recently met and hit it off with. Or maybe you were invited to your first ever bridal shower! No matter where you fall on the spectrum of “experience with wedding events”, you’ve probably found yourself stumped on what to give as a gift a time or two. I know I have! In an effort to help your future self out, I put together a simple guide with gift ideas for different wedding events.

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Just Engaged

This is not at all required, but for a close friend or family member who just got engaged, you may want to send a little something special! Here are some options:

Engagement Party

While you typically aren’t expected to bring a gift to an engagement party, close friends and family often choose to, even if it’s just a little something. The only exception to this is if the invitation specifically requests “no gifts” – in that case, forego bringing one, so that other guests don’t feel uncomfortable. If you do decide to bring a gift, keep it small and/or sentimental. Some suggestions are:

  • Bottle of Champagne, Wine, or Liquor – You can even get a fun and festive label to put on the bottle like this one from Etsy.
  • Festive Candle – These from Amazon that say “Let’s Toast” or “Congrats” are both great options
  • Personalized Item – You could opt for a picture frame or small piece of artwork with their engagement location on it. If it’s near the holiday’s an ornament with the couples engagement date on it is also a nice option.
  • Gift Card
  • Handwritten Card Congratulating the Couple

Bridal Shower

Gifts for bridal showers can be items from the bride’s registry or something special she can use on her wedding day or during the remainder of the planning process. Some options of items are:

You can also put a few lower cost items together in a cute gift basket!

Couples Shower

Similar to a bridal shower, you can choose something from the couple’s registry to bring. You can also opt for a personalized gift that both of them will enjoy and use.

Bachelorette Party

Another event where a present isn’t required. Should you decide to bring a gift, you can go with something fun or light-hearted. You can also bring something that can be enjoyed by all the guests on the trip.

You can also bring lingerie, a PG-13 game, a gag gift, etc. Just make sure you’re aware of who will be attending the party and the brides comfort level when bringing things like that!

Bridesmaids Luncheon

This is typically hosted by the bride to thank the bridesmaids and other people who have helped during the planning process. If invited to a bridal luncheon you don’t need to bring a gift – in fact, often the bride will gift a small favor as a token of appreciation.

Lingerie Shower

What you buy for this really depends on your comfort level with the bride. Many brides opt not to host one of these or host it during the bachelorette party.

Wedding Day

The wedding day gift is usually the most expensive gift.  If they have a registry, it’s always a safe bet to pick something from that. If they don’t have a registry, a gift card, cash/check, or gift for their home is also acceptable. Many people choose to send this gift early to elevate the stress of bringing it on the actual day.

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