What a Typical Work Day Looks Like for Me

I’m always interested to read about or see inside another person’s daily life. Aren’t we all? That’s why we spend so much time on social media. Since having Liam, my weeks look quite a bit different than before. My work schedule is different, as well as how I spend my work days, so I thought I would give you a little peek inside a typical work day for me.

It’s worth noting that work looks very different from day to day. I run two businesses from home, Elisabeth Ashlie and my blog/influencer business. I’m always juggling both businesses and trading off between them. It’s an immense workload, but I have help (thank you, Chelsea!!!) and truly love what I do, so it’s worth it for me. This is just a look at a typical day, although it can be different from day to day and week to week.

6-6:30a – Wake up with Liam. I always get up with him in the morning, work day or not. We go downstairs, I get my coffee and he gets a bottle.

6:30-9/9:30a – Hang with Liam and do a brief check-in on what’s on my docket for the day. Sometimes I can sit at my computer for a couple minutes while he plays, but most of this time is spent on the floor playing with him and eating breakfast together.

9/9:30a – Put Liam down for a nap and get myself ready for the day. Once he’s down for his morning nap, I’m officially into my workday, so Mike takes over with Liam. Sometimes Mike will put him down, but I like that time and it allows Mike to get ready for his day!

9-12:30p – Get ready, make my to-do list, and get started on tasks for the day. Work tasks may include drafting blog posts, recording content for brand collaborations, checking in on Elisabeth Ashlie orders, responding to emails, shooting content for Instagram, and more.

12:30p – Eat lunch with Mike and Liam. I love that I get to check in with him and see him throughout the day, even though it can be more difficult to work when I’m home with him!

1p – Back to working on my to-do list for the day. Check in with Chelsea via Asana, our co-working app that allows us to keep track of everything that’s going on.

5p – Wrap up the work day. Most days, I take Liam for a walk outside or hang with him in our playroom while Mike gets a little time to do something for himself.

5:30p-6:30p – Liam’s nighttime routine, including dinner, bath, and bed. Mike and I tag team this time – I usually do dinner and bath and then Mike feeds him his last bottle and puts him down.

6:30p – I make dinner for us, usually a Home Chef meal.

7:15-9p – Mike and I hang out! We usually watch a show or two.

Around 9p – I try to make my way upstairs around this time, doing my skincare routine and getting ready for bed. I like to spend a little time reading or doing something relaxing before sleep, while also getting to sleep at a good time every night.

While the activities and tasks that I do during the workday change from day to day, this is a pretty good idea of how I break up the day! At least once a week, Chelsea comes in and we work together on things. The rest of her job can be done remotely or without me.

If you had asked me 10+ years ago how new motherhood would look for me, I couldn’t have predicted this. I didn’t know that I would find a career that I was passionate about, while also having the immense privilege of spending so much time with my son. Some days, being a working-from-home mom comes easily, other days it feels nearly impossible. It’s a continuous shift from “work mode” to “mom mode” and back again, but  I can rest my head on my pillow at night feeling fulfilled in work and family, which is something I don’t take for granted at all.

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  1. 4.7.21
    Christina said:

    Does Mike work from home too? Or is he a stay at home dad? My husband and I are trying to get into a routine now with a 9 week old! We both own small businesses so it’s tough!

    • 4.9.21
      Lauren said:

      He’s a stay at home dad right now!

  2. 4.7.21
    Ellen Brown said:

    I love this post!

  3. 4.7.21
    Heather said:

    Hi! I’m about to venture into online business, an online store. I tried it once before, but I had three little ones and it just wasn’t the right season. I worry about it being all-consuming. I’m interested in how you handle things for Elisabeth Ashlie such as: Do you have a business phone number, or do you handle all inquiries through a business email? Do you do express shipping, or just try to get orders out within 1-2 business days? I don’t want to be a slave to a rushed schedule trying to fulfill orders. Is that possible to avoid?

    Thank you!

    • 4.9.21
      Lauren said:

      Communication is through email (and Instagram DM’s, but email is much preferred!). There is a processing time for shipments and an offer of first-class or priority mail!

  4. 4.9.21
    Diane said:

    Do you usually wake up to work out before Liam gets up? I wake up early for my kids too but that workout before is tough! I can only manage 1-2x a week at 5:30 and then on the weekend.

    • 4.9.21
      Lauren said:

      I don’t! I prefer to do it around lunchtime (instead of taking a “lunch break”) or during his afternoon nap on my non-workdays.