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The first kind of alcohol I purchased as a legal 21-year-old was a bottle of Merlot. I was in Chicago, staying with my best friend at her apartment, and we walked down to the grocery store to make my first purchase! I’d had an occasional sip of what my parents were drinking on special occasions or at dinner, but hadn’t had a full drink of alcohol until the day I turned 21 #rulefollower As I was walking into the store, I called my dad to get a little tip on what type of wine I should buy and he suggested Merlot. I’m not entirely sure he was thinking straight because that’s one of the last wines I would recommend to a new drinker, haha! But I bought it and we each enjoyed a glass of my legal purchase. It’s safe to say, I haven’t had much Merlot since. I have, however, remained a wine drinker! It’s my drink of choice 9 times out of 10. I love a cocktail every once in awhile, or a basic mixed drink, but will always accept a glass of wine.

I much prefer red to white, but there are a couple whites I’ll drink. I would do a Chardonnay, but if it is even a tiny bit buttery, I’m not interested. A sauvignon blanc would be the other white I’d drink.

On to the reds. I love a red blend. That will always be my first choice, at a restaurant, someone else’s house, or when I’m buying for myself. I also enjoy Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon (with a heavy dinner, like steak or pasta or something), and the occasional Pinot Noir. But a red blend is the best, in my opinion!

Current favorite red blends include: Noble Vines Marquis Red (a recent discovery that we love!), Biltmore Estate Red Blend, Unshackled Red Blend (a slightly higher price point, but great for a special occasion, like date night at home or family dinner), Josh Cellars Legacy Red Blend, Apothic Red, and Troublemaker (this was the red we served at our wedding!).

Since I know that I’ll be happy with just about any blend, I like to branch out and try some new bottles regularly. Once you find your type that you like, it’s fun to start hunting down your favorite bottle in that category. My current favorite would be the Noble Vines Marquis Red.

Are you a wine drinker? Any red blend recommendations to share?

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  1. 10.26.20
    Elizabeth said:

    One of my favorite blends is Petit Petit!

  2. 10.26.20
    Melissa said:

    Love this post! I also did not drink any alcohol until I was 21 (too scared of getting in trouble. LOL). but I looooove wine now. Last weekend i had a bottle of this from the PNW (where I live) and it was really good:

  3. 10.26.20
    Sarah said:

    Red blends are my go-to as well. I purchased a bottle of Unshackled after watching your last “wine chat” with your sister, but haven’t uncorked it yet. I’d highly recommend The Pessimist by Daou Vineyards, Paso Robles, CA. Very smooth and just under $20/bottle.

  4. 10.27.20
    Kearstie said:

    If you’ve never tried Outer Coastal Plains wine, I highly recommend a Cor D’este! It’s a specific blend to the area, and rarely fails on flavor and body – highly recommend! Plus it’s always fun to try wines from lesser known areas 🙂

  5. 10.29.20
    Emily Wakefield said:

    This was a super helpful post! I just went through and took pics of most of these wines to reference next time I am at the store. Thank you!

  6. 10.31.20
    Debra said:

    You must try :
    Les Darons
    Languedoc (region of France)
    By Josh Carrel

    A great buy and a great blend !
    I made the liquor store order it again ! !
    ENJOY !

  7. 11.1.20
    Christy said:

    Bogle Phantom is a favorite! Also enjoy their Essential Red.

  8. 11.1.20
    Morgan said:

    The Biltmore Christmas Red is yummy this year.

  9. 11.1.20
    Lisa said:

    Just finished a bottle of gnarly head cab sauv that was delish!!!! For white, Kim Crawford sauv blanc is by far my fave white (and I am not a fan of whites-very picky!!!)

  10. 11.1.20
    Kate said:

    I recommend the 19 Crimes red blend.

  11. 11.4.20
    Kim said:

    If you haven’t tried any of the Prisoner wines, you need to. The Prisoner blend is definitely pricey, but great for special occasions. They have a few others like Saldo or Cuttings that are both delicious too.

    • 11.6.20
      Lauren said:

      Unshackled is by the Prisoner Wine Company!

  12. 11.4.20
    Emily said:

    I like Unruly Red, the in house Bev Mo red blend. A wine we served at out wedding.

  13. 11.6.20
    Tanya said:

    I like Fall Creek Vineyards, Ed’s Smooth Red. It is a Texas wine, so not sure how widely available it is.

  14. 5.3.21
    Katelyn said:

    Anything Orin Swift is my favorite! Also wines from Paso Robles

  15. 8.31.21
    Kathryn said:

    You can’t go wrong with anything Caymus Vineyards. “Caymus”Cabernet sauvingnon , cheaper from chuck wagner Caymus vineyard- “Bonanza” cab. I also love a glass of different label- “belle Glos” Pinot noir. If you want a perfect glass of Sauvignon blanc, go with “Cakebread” , I’m droll I’lling thinking about how refreshing it is right now! Those are my 4 go to wines right now!
    “Sea sun”Pinot noir is also good for the price point

  16. 3.28.22
    Lindsey B said:

    My husband and I buy a brand called 1000 Stories. They have one that’s aged in bourbon barrels and we get a bottle or two every time we get wine. It’s also our go to when we take wine to dinner at a friend’s house!