Transitioning Your Beauty Routine

As the seasons change and I make the swap from summer to fall/winter clothes in my closet, I’m also swapping out some of my beauty products. With weather changes, my skincare needs change. For example, as the humidity decreases and the heat starts running in our house, my skin requires more hydration than through the summer, so I kick it up on the moisturizer front. I also tend to gravitate toward richer, darker tones for my makeup products.

Adjusting to the season doesn’t have to mean spending a ton of money on an entirely new skincare routine, though. Small changes, like adding a night cream or hyaluronic acid serum to your existing lineup of products can make a big difference!

Here are a few products I would look into, in preparation for cooler weather:

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Since I like to use self-tanner through the summer, I also like to gradually fade out to my untanned skin color with a tanning lotion. It’s nice to still have a little bit of color to my skin for the days when I want to wear a dress or sweater tank. Introducing products like a brightening night cream or hyaluronic acid serum is a simple way to keep my skin looking fresh and avoiding the dullness that usually comes in the winter. I also love to switch over to a new perfume for the colder season! I like something bright and fresh in the summer, but something a bit more rich and bold in the fall and winter. The most obvious shift to make is switching to darker, richer tones for makeup. From eyeshadow to lip color, you can easily swap out your favorite products for a darker color palette to accommodate the changing season!

Like I mentioned at the top of the post, making these swaps doesn’t have to mean you spend a ton of money on seasonal products. Walmart has a huge selection of products, including all of those above, to help your skin and makeup make the transition. From luxury cosmetics brands to super affordable drugstore brands, you can do all your shopping in one place. One of my favorite places to look first is in the Mindful Beauty category, which consists of beauty brands and products that are made with better ingredients.

This post is sponsored by Walmart. All opinions are my own.

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