My Favorite Things I Used Throughout My Pregnancy

Body Lotion – I always lotion my body after a shower or bath, but found myself using this lotion even more throughout my 9 months. With my skin stretching, especially across my belly, it was important for me to have fully moisturized skin to help with any itchiness and dryness!

Sleep Mask – Sleep can be a tricky thing, especially as you go on in your pregnancy. I found that sleeping with a mask helped me to get a deeper sleep. It also helped to have one of these for a mid-day nap, especially if you’re someone that needs total darkness to sleep, like me!

Maternity Tanks – I wore these from probably 16 weeks on and they were my favorite! They work great as a layering tank – I did a lot of these tanks with a cardigan or sweater over top throughout the colder months. They’re a bit longer in the front, but don’t have any ruching on the sides, so I will still wear them post-pregnancy, too.

Water Bottle – I drank a lot of water throughout my entire 9 months, so having a big water bottle that I could carry around with me was essential. I love that this one holds quite a bit of water, so I’m not having to go re-fill it all the time. Plus, it’s great for travel or throwing in your purse!

Oversized Tees – These came in handy later on in my third trimester when I just wanted to be comfortable, especially while lounging at home. I like the oversized fit for ultimate comfort and will definitely use them post-birth, as well!

Cozy Sweatpants – The best EVER sweats. I had and wore these regularly before pregnancy, but continued to wear them the entire time through my 40 weeks. I kept my pre-pregnancy size and just wore them under my bump and they were great!

Long Tees – I wore these tees throughout my entire pregnancy. They came in especially handy at the end, since nearly all of my other shirts weren’t long enough to fully cover my belly anymore! I wore my pre-pregnancy size, but could’ve used one size up towards the end.

Belly Bands – I used these for my maternity jeans for quite awhile, until my bump was finally big enough to keep my over-the-belly jeans up! They will be nice support for post-birth, too.

Bralettes – In the beginning, these were great because my breasts were so tender and sensitive. Near the end, they were great because I was only interested in being comfortable! These provide nice support and are pretty, which is an added bonus.

Support Belt – When my lower back pain set in somewhere around 32 weeks or so, I decided to order a support belt to try. It ended up helping a lot! I imagine it may also be nice for post-birth, too!

Epsom Salt – I took so many baths throughout my pregnancy – for relaxation at the end of the day and to sooth sore muscles. I liked adding epsom salt to help penetrate to sooth my sore back and legs.

Leggings – I tried a few different maternity leggings, but found myself continuously going back to these pre-pregnancy favorites. They were very comfortable and stayed up on my belly until about 35 weeks or so.

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  1. 5.20.20
    Michele said:

    YES to pregnancy tanks forever! My youngest is two and I still wear them. They’re long and comfortable, which is harder to find in non-maternity tanks. I got mine from Old Navy when I was pregnant with my daughter and after almost six years they’re still my go-tos. I definitely recommend them even if you’re NOT pregnant!