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Who among us has spent the last couple weeks at home wearing jeans and getting ready every day? Not a visual medium, but I’m sitting here not raising my hand. I will always, always, always opt for something soft and comfortable, especially when I’m at home. Admittedly, this extended amount of time wearing sweats and not doing much with myself has actually made me miss getting dressed and ready. I’m making more of an effort to do something with myself most days because I’m finding that it’s helping my motivation and lifting my mood. Most often, though, I’ll style my hair or do a little makeup and go right back into the “cozy clothes” section of my closet to pick out an outfit.

However you are managing to deal with this unprecedented time, in regards to getting dressed and ready for the day, we should all be carving out time to relax, decompress, and lower our stress levels. For us, that’s usually with an episode or two of whatever show we’re currently binging in the evenings – we just finished both Tiger King and Season 3 of The Sinner.

No matter what you like to do to unwind, here are a few useful things to help you do so!

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