20+ Things to Watch on Netflix

While we’re all practicing social distancing and spending much more time at home than before, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite things that we’ve watched on Netflix over the last couple of years. I don’t know about you, but it’s nice to have a little escape from the uncertainty of what is currently happening in our world with a little entertainment at the end of the day.

Intense/Dark/Suspenseful Shows

House of Cards
The Sinner (season 1 was our favorite)

Funny/Light Shows

Gilmore Girls
The Office
New Girl
Arrested Development
Schitt’s Creek


The Pharmacist
Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez
Making a Murderer, Season 1
The Staircase
Evil Genius


Love is Blind*
Somebody Feed Phil
I’ll Have What Phil’s Having
Chef’s Table
Any of Sebastian Maniscalco Standup

* I feel like I need to add this disclaimer here. This show is absolutely ridiculous. I don’t watch the Bachelor, but I imagine it’s even more absurd than that. It’s clearly not reality, but it is 100% mindless and entertaining, if you enjoy reality shows. 

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  1. 3.18.20
    Michele said:

    You can’t leave out The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt for comedies! We’ve also gotten ourselves into Brooklyn Nine-Nine and laugh so much…it’s on Hulu. If you like The Office, you’ll love Parks and Recreation! Also, if you’re looking for great, mindless reality, ANY iteration of 90 Day Fiancé on TLC got me through two maternity leaves. You and Mike will bond over this show in ways you never knew imaginable. You’re welcome😉

  2. 3.18.20

    The Nate Bargatze Tennessee Kid comedy special is the funniest thing ever. I’ve made my husband watch it with me a couple times and every time it’s hilarious.

  3. 3.18.20
    Ashley said:

    You HAVE to add Parks and Rec to the lineup! A lot of people say it’s like The Office, but it isn’t really. I don’t feel anything can be compared to that. Parks and Rec is funny and delightful. Also, Mad Men. It’s a little difficult, but definitely worth it.

  4. 3.18.20
    Danielle said:

    Lots of good recommendations! My husband and I love mystery/thriller shows. A few of our favorites were The Stranger, Counterpart, Altered Carbon, Ozarks. Also, we just recently watched the McMillions documentary about McDonald’s Monopoly game fraud. It was good and light-hearted!

  5. 3.18.20
    Melissa said:

    Sex Education is one of the best shows available right now. Especially in season 2, the characters are complex and compelling and have so, so much heart.

  6. 3.18.20
    Jennifer said:

    Check out The Stranger on Netflix. It will keep you guessing until the end!

  7. 3.18.20
    Carrie said:

    For anyone liking more British side of things…The Crown. Any of the British Baking Shows. Anne with an E

  8. 3.18.20
    Becky said:

    My favourite options on 🇨🇦 Netflix over the years:
    Jane the Virgin
    Schitt‘s Creek
    Anne with an E
    The Office
    Drop Dead Diva
    The Good Place
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    The Mindy Project

  9. 3.18.20
    Sarah said:

    Mind of a Chef &
    Ugly Delicious

    Designated Survivor

    Person of Interest

    Also, Lauren watch Ali Wong’s Hard Knock Wife after you have your baby!

    Peaky Blinders (mafia, based in the early 1900’s)

    Master of None (funny/Aziz Azari)

    The Witcher

  10. 3.18.20
    SamaNtha L. said:

    Stranger Things!! Anyone?! It’s a definite must. I rolled my eyes when husband told me it was sci-fi but I gave it a whirl and was all in! Throwback to the 80’s. It’s super rad!

  11. 3.18.20
    Katie said:

    There’s a newer series called “Somebody Feed Phil” which is the same guy in “I’ll have what Phil is having”

    • 3.20.20
      Lauren said:

      Yes! I have it in my list!

  12. 3.18.20
    Melissa said:

    The Five on Netflix is SO GOOD! My hubby and I were up until 2am the first night we started watching it 🙈 Sucked us in real quick!

  13. 3.18.20
    Samantha Mooneyham said:

    Also the good place for light hearted! And as others have mentioned parks and rec, season 2 is a good place to start if season one doesn’t interest you.

  14. 3.18.20
    Bailee said:

    Based on what you’re recommending, I think you’d love Don’t F With Cats!

  15. 3.18.20
    Brooke said:

    100% agree about Love is Blind! Absolutely ridiculous but we couldn’t stop watching. Also, watch In the Dark!

  16. 3.18.20
    Meghan Merkley said:

    Have you tried V Wars? It’s crazy!

  17. 3.19.20
    Erica said:

    My favorite all time series is Charmed; the original, not the reboot. It’s so family oriented. ** Not for family watching. Two different things. You should also watch Young & Hungry. After Friends, it’s the best for casual tv binge watching.

  18. 3.21.20
    Ashley said:

    Also, have you watched the series Jane the Virgin? It’s very good!!! I absolutely loved it! We watched this after finishing YOU. Thank you for your suggestions!

  19. 3.23.20
    Cora said:

    We’ve been watching Locke & Key on Netflix. Definitely can add it to the suspense category!