My Maternity Style, So Far

One of the things I was really looking forward to about being pregnant was seeing my body change and my belly grow. I was excited to be able to experience looking pregnant and dressing the bump! In truth, there have been a handful of times that I’ve had a hard time getting dressed and picking something out to wear that would fit right, but it has helped immensely that I’ve “popped” a bit and found some maternity jeans that I love! I knew my style would stay the same, but that there would definitely be a little shopping involved to get some items that would fit me right and grow with me.

While I’m only halfway through, I thought I’d share some of my “pregnancy style” favorites, so far. My goal for clothing purchases during pregnancy is to buy things that I will be able to wear postpartum. Obviously, I will reach a point where that is no longer possible, but for now, longer tops and tees in my pre-pregnancy size are still working! Oversized sweaters that I already own are also getting worn a lot. I will buy a few maternity tops, but don’t want to stockpile a bunch of them. I’ve seen other women just size up in their clothes during pregnancy, but I also don’t want a bunch of large shirts leftover that I’ll also have to get rid of. We’ll see how it changes as I grow, but that’s my goal for now!

The one thing I was more than happy to spend on are good maternity jeans. For the first time in my life (and I didn’t even know it was possible), I got sick of wearing leggings everyday. So, I started my hunt for maternity jeans. I found three pair that are GREAT and am done shopping for them. It feels so good to be able to put jeans on again and style outfits with them!

Here’s a look at my favorite things, so far:

1. Aerie Lace Bralette – I had these pre-pregnancy and loved them! They’ve come in handy, as they’re very comfortable to wear and still provide support. I’ll wear them under oversized sweaters and around the house.

2. Natori Pure Luxe T-Shirt Bra – My favorite t-shirt bra pre-pregnancy, which I wear everyday now.

3. Daily Ritual Long Tee – These are the tees that I’ve raved about before! I’ll continue wearing them throughout my pregnancy – they’re great because they’re nice and long without being a maternity top.

4. Daily Ritual Long Sleeve Tee – Another pre-pregnancy purchase that has served me well, so far. These have the shirttail hem, so they’re longer in front and back, which allows the shirt to fully cover over my belly.

5. Aerie Ribbed Lace Bralette – Such a comfortable bralette for wearing around the house! I just ordered another color because I wear this one several times a week.

6. Ingrid & Isabel Bellaband Support Belt – I am using one of these with my maternity jeans to help them feel more secure. Since my belly isn’t quite big enough for the full-panel jeans to stay up where I like them, I just put the band over top of the panel and don’t have any issues with my jeans falling down.

7. Ingrid & Isabel Maternity Tank – I just picked these up and love them for layering under a cardigan or open-front sweater. These are nice and long, so I know that I’ll be able to wear them throughout my pregnancy.

8. Lululemon Align Pants 28″ – My favorite leggings in life, which have not failed me yet on this journey. I’ve tried a few maternity leggings, but keep going back to these because I can’t find anything as comfortable!

9. Spanx Faux Leather Leggings – I ordered a second pair of these in a size up to accommodate my growth. I love these for when I want to elevate a leggings outfit or for dressing up for the holiday season. They’re a great alternative to regular leggings that are still comfortable.

10. Madewell Over-the-Belly Jeans – As a diehard Madewell jeans fan, I was happy to find one of their maternity styles that works for me! I tried a few of their options and these were the best, in my opinion.

11. AG Secret Fit Ankle Jeans – These are pure GOLD. My sister had told me that she had one pair of AG maternity jeans that she wore her entire pregnancy, so I knew I wanted to give them a try. They’re a bit of an investment, but worth it to me to have a pair of jeans that fit right and make me feel great!

A few other favorites: these long-sleeve tees (I sized up one size for extra length and space to grow into), these v-neck tees with the shirring, and these AG jeans with a little destruction.

Outfit Details

I’m doing a lot of outfits like this: leggings, long tees and cardigans or jeans and oversized sweaters or leggings, long sleeve tees and vests. What I love most is that I still feel like myself and can dress how I like to dress, but also dress for this season of life and stay comfortable!

Outfit Details

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  1. 12.23.19
    Michele said:

    It’s so great that maternity clothing has evolved to let people still maintain their typical style. My mom tried to put me in tents when I was pregnant because that’s all she knew..,it was all that was available in the 80s. I actually think pregnancy was when I was able to really develop a sense of personal style that’s carried over since. Actually, I am pretty sure I liked my maternity clothes better than my regular clothes. Helps that my first pregnancy was when I started following you and your sister, haha!

    One thing that definitely changed post baby body is my love for empire waited things. I used to love a good empire waisted top and felt like they looked so effortless yet fancy on my small-ish frame. However, once you’re later I’m pregnancy and that type of look is ALLLLL you can wear, you only associate it with looking pregnant. Oh well, I guess the quasi-renaissance faire season of my life’s is over!

  2. 12.23.19
    Meghan said:

    Blanqi tank tops for pregnancy and postpartum are my absolute favorite! Comfortable but with supportive compression.

  3. 12.23.19
    Lindsay said:

    Putting the support band over the jeans is so smart!! I hate all my full-panel jeans — they’re always falling down. I’ll have to try that! I also use them to hold up jeans that precious fit but no longer accommodate my belly. A good way to expand my existing wardrobe! My favorite maternity jeans are a pair from Gap with an elastic band, but I don’t think I can bring myself to purchase another pair for this shirt season!

  4. 12.23.19
    Maureen said:

    NOTHING at all fits the last few weeks of pregnancy. Nothing. That was definitely the hardest time to dress, but it helps that you don’t feel like leaving the house anyway 😆

  5. 12.24.19
    Molly said:

    I’m about a month behind you (due in June) and I love following your journey. This will be our first baby as well. I haven’t popped yet but my clothes are getting less and less comfortable. Filling all my wishlists with your suggestions. Thank you for sharing!

  6. 12.27.19
    Jessica said:

    I don’t know if you have tried the Zella maternity leggings already, but they are the only decent maternity leggings I’ve found and I feel like I’ve tried them all!

    • 12.29.19
      Lauren said:

      I have tried them and didn’t like them! I know a lot of people recommend them, but I’m going to stick with the Align pants as long as I can!