Seven Ways to Style a Bralette

You probably know by now that I’m a fan of the bralette trend that’s been going on for awhile now! It took me a bit of time to find one that was comfortable, supportive, and worked for how I wanted to wear it, but now I own that bralette in four colors! In case you’re interested in trying out this trend or are looking for a new way to style one, I’m showing you seven different ways that I’ve worn it. For reference, this is the best bralette out there. I have it in pink, tan, ivory, and black. You can wear it as a normal bra (which is amazing for someone who hates racerback bras!) or as a racerback. It offers enough support that it’s comfortable to wear all day. It’s great for a wide range of sizes – just check the reviews! I’ve also heard from several of you with larger busts that confirm it! For sizing, I followed the sizing chart recommendation and it’s perfect.


This is a fun way to play with the casual/comfortable styling of a jumpsuit while also adding a little interest. Since a jumpsuit is just one piece of fabric, it can be a bit boring and may feel like it needs some accessories or something else going on! If you add a bralette peeking out from underneath, you can add some texture and another color to the look while still remaining casual.

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Pairing a bralette with some destructed shorts and a fun headband or hair scarf gives instant boho vibes. While this isn’t my typical style, I love it’s easy to change things up a bit with just a few added details.

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If you love the idea of a bralette, but aren’t quite into showing it off in public, you can certainly create a cute “at home” outfit with one. Pair it with your favorite joggers and plush slippers for an easy look. Worth noting here that I’ve always been the kind of person that likes to look at least a little put together, even if I’m just wearing sweats. This is an easy way to achieve that!

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If you have a top that is a looser knit or is cut in towards the neckline, a bralette is a fun way to add an extra element to the outfit while still remaining laidback. My favorite sweater tank is narrow where it goes over my shoulders, so the bralette peeks out on the sides and looks pretty!

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This is probably my favorite way to wear them. They pair really well with an athleisure type of outfit. My go to? A tee or top that I can wear off of one shoulder and my favorite joggers.

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A bralette is a great option for any wide-neck tops you may have! It adds interest to the outfit and allows you to avoid having to constantly check to make sure your regular bra strap isn’t exposed.

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Another wide neck top paired with a pair of lounge shorts is a good option! Its like a slightly fancier version of pajamas – a good option if you have guests or are staying with friends/family, but don’t want to get fully dressed for the day quite yet.

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Which one is your favorite?

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  1. 6.21.19
    Courtney said:

    I severely miss Coffee Conversations being posted on Fridays!!

    • 6.21.19
      Lauren said:

      I miss them, too! Maybe it’s time to get back into the routine 😉

  2. 6.22.19
    Michele said:

    My bra size is an A cup, and it’s so frustrating to find pretty, confidence boosting bras when all that I find available provide no shaping (for example, I like a little padding to the cups so shirts lay better). Do you find the same to be true for yourself? I find these bralettes to be so pretty on you, but haven’t pulled the trigger because I feel like they’d offer absolutely no support other than just keeping the girls from touching my clothes. It’s hard to find bra advice from smaller busted people, but you seem pretty approachable about the topic.

    • 6.22.19
      Lauren said:

      Hi Michele, This particular bralette does have a little bit of padding, which offers enough support for me to feel comfortable in it! TI doesn’t give much lift, if that’s something you’re looking for. I recommend reading the reviews on the website, as that will give you a good idea of what other people think of it!

    • 6.23.19
      Alyssa Anderson said:

      What is your favorite t shirt to wear with a bralette? I’m having a hard time finding one that shows off the lace of the bralette around the neckline