Three Outfits for Working from Home

For me, working from home is the dream situation. I love not having to commute, being able to eat all my meals at home, staying in the comfort of my own surroundings, and so many more things about it. There are very few downsides or things that I wish were different. One of those few things, though, is that I often get into a rut with my wardrobe and getting dressed in the morning. I think it could be fun to have a reason to get dressed in something other than leggings and a tee every day. On the surface, that may seem like a silly thing to consider a downside, but as someone who loves to express myself through my clothes, I feel like my creativity can feel stifled a bit. If I haven’t had a reason to “get ready” for a few days, I can feel a little drab and not completely like myself. To try to ward off this happening too often, I’ve been picking and choosing pieces to add to my wardrobe that will work well for me wanting to be comfortable and to feel put together.

I’m excited to be teaming up with EVEREVE today to share three outfits for working from home. I was able to pick out some new pieces (thanks, EVEREVE!) and put together several outfits that are equal parts functional and stylish. When I do want to “get dressed” for work, I love wearing things that I can be comfortable in for sitting at my computer for hours or fulfilling orders and then easily add a pair of shoes or a jacket and head out the door to run errands or go to dinner.

Outfit #1: Graphic Tee with a Fun Skirt

I actually saw this exact outfit on one of the models on the website and completely copied her – it’s so cute! I love the idea of having a more casual skirt, which can be paired with a graphic tee like this or a simple v-neck. I’d wear this with a pair of sneakers and a denim jacket, if I’m heading out of the house.

SHOP THIS LOOK: Graphic Tee (wearing small), Camo Skirt (size 1, small)

Outfit #2: A Jumpsuit

You guys know I’ve recently been on a jumpsuit kick. I’ve purchased a few very casual options, so when I saw this wrap jumpsuit on the site, I wanted to try it! The wrap top instantly elevates it, making it easy to be dressed up with a pair of block heel sandals or espadrille wedges for an evening out. It’s comfortable enough that you could also just pair it with sneakers for running errands or traveling.

SHOP THIS LOOK: Wrap-front Jumpsuit (wearing small; is a little big on top, but fits great in legs)

Outfit #3: Cutoff Shorts and a Tee

The most casual option of the bunch, but one that I would most often reach for! I love a pair of cutoff shorts – I think they’re great for a simple look like this, but could also be dressed up a bit with a pair of wedges and a feminine cami or flowy top. This camo tee is definitely the most-worn item from the pieces I picked out. It’s very soft and great for lounging, too!

SHOP THIS LOOK: Camo Tee (wearings small), Cutoff Shorts (wearing my normal jean size)

The last few weeks, I’ve successfully gotten dressed for work in something other than lounge clothes, thanks in part to these new additions! Before I made a conscious effort about it, I had my “house clothes” and my “going out clothes”, but I’m finding and putting together more outfits that work for both things without having to change. I’m feeling more energized and motivated during my workdays and have less laundry to do, which is a huge win!

Here’s everything I picked out from Evereve:

This post is sponsored by EVEREVE. All opinions are my own.

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