DIY “Custom” Lip Color

I have quite a collection of lipsticks and tinted lip balms. I have my go-to’s, the colors that look the best on my skin and complexion and wear the nicest. But I also have a lot that I like for certain occasions or if I’m looking to mix things up. Even though I have a wide selection, a lot of the shades that I have are in the same pink family. While I will always prefer a pink lip, sometimes I need more of a red or coral (or other color) to go well with what I’m wearing that day. So, what I’ve just recently started doing is making my own “custom” lip color by mixing two or more of the colors I already have! The variety of color options available to me is so much wider now that I know I can mix a couple together to create that one color I don’t have.

Scattered Petals (Left), Sultriness (Right)

You may remember from this post that I’ve recently started wearing the MAC Powder Kiss Lipsticks from Ulta Beauty. I have both Sultriness (baby blue pink) and Scattered Petals (pale, clean pink). What I’m liking about these lipsticks is that they’re formulated to be a moisturizing matte, which is hard to find! In my experience, they don’t dry out my lips, they look smooth (none of that cracking effect you get with some matte lip products), and they’re weightless on my skin. I sometimes forget that I’m wearing it! There are over 20 shades available at Ulta, ranging from very nude to bright red. If you’re new to matte lipsticks and aren’t sure how they’ll wear on you, you can prepare your lips with this primer, for a smooth and flawless finish.

Back to the mixing! I went to pick out a lipstick while I was wearing this tee last week and realized that I don’t have a coral-colored lipstick! When I applied just a pink lip, it didn’t look right with the bold color on the tee. So, I grabbed my two Powder Kiss lipsticks, applying Sultriness first and then topping with Scattered petals. What resulted was a shade that was a near-identical match to the stripes in my tee. As you can tell, matching makes me happy!

The moral of the story? In case you’ve never considered or tried mixing a couple of colors of lipsticks or lip products that you have to create the right color, you should! I’ve been doing it with other colors recently, too, and feel like I’m getting much more use out of the makeup products I spend good money on! It’s sort of like finding new ways to style that little black dress in your closet. Once you realize you can actually wear it more than just that one way you always do, you see it in a new light and it’s suddenly more valuable!

In collaboration with Ulta Beauty. All opinions are my own. 

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