Cyber Monday

It’s hard to believe the Thanksgiving holiday weekend has already come and gone! It seems to go by faster and faster with each passing year. This is my busiest season, by far. I suspect it’s quite busy for most of you, as well. End of year work commitments, holiday travel, family time, the list goes on. The Christmas break always comes at the perfect time – right before I’m completely burnt out and about to collapse 😉 I’ve got a lot I still want and need to accomplish in 2017, so I’m pushing through strong until my last official workday of the year (which will come sometime before Christmas).
Alright, enough of that talk. Let’s chat Cyber Monday sales, shall we? Friday, Saturday and much of Sunday, I was pretty occupied with things, so I didn’t really have a chance to do much shopping of the sales. I kept seeing things that other bloggers/influencers would share on social media and was tempted, but would quickly be distracted and move on. Last night, though, I finally caught the cyber weekend bug and did some shopping! #FOMO

Notable Cyber Monday Sales:
Elisabeth Ashlie is still running the 20% off sale through 11:59pm today! 
J.Crew has 40% off + 10% off (still not sure why they don’t just call it “50% off”…).
Madewell is still running 25% off. Take advantage!
I took advantage of the sale and ordered this, these, this cute shirt, and these jeans.

LOFT still has 50% off + FREE shipping!

Rifle Paper Co. has up to 30% off.

Anthropologie has 20% off + FREE shipping over $100!

Nordstrom Sale items worth looking at:
Classic tote (this never go on sale!), cozy cardigan (I’ve been told this is a game changer), cute leggings, the perfect bootie, a beautiful investment coat, and my favorite cardigan.

Happy Browsing!

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  1. 11.27.17

    50% off at LOFT is great! That was my employee discount and I miss it haha. And I agree – Christmas break comes at the perfect time!

    Kim .. CYBER MONDAY ROUNDUP & My Boutique Deal!

  2. 11.27.17

    40% Off plus 10% Off is not 50% Off. It is really 46% Off. Imagine you are buying a $100 item. After 40% Off, the item will cost $60. Then you take 10% off. That is $6 off of $60. The total savings off of the original $100 item is $46, for a total of 46% off.

  3. 11.27.17

    the JCrew thing is a small trick – people will assume it is 50% off but in reality it is 40% and then 10% after the 40% has been taken off – which actually makes the piece 45% off not 50%. It likely has the same effect as ending prices in .99 and then seem less expensive! Tricky, tricky!

  4. 11.30.17
    Mrs W said:

    The ladies over at and love, no LOVE their cozy cardigan, or as they call it, the Blardigan. You should check out their websites search for blardigan and you'll see what I mean! I hope it lives up to the hype, please keep us posted!