What I Do In A Day

I’m always intrigued by how people spend their days, especially other small business owners/entrepreneurs. More often than not for entrepreneurs, every day will look a little different. I thrive in a flexible environment like that – I need the option to take a day off on a Tuesday or to work until 8pm, to spend all day on the computer or all day creating content elsewhere.

6:00 am – Wake Up
In a dream scenario, I would wake at about 5am every day. I love waking up early in the morning, when it’s by my choosing. Waking up early for a 7am flight is a different story, though. The quiet and darkness of the early morning means that I have ultimate focus. I’m my most productive in the morning, by far, so I like to get an early start on my day so that I can enjoy the afternoon a bit more. I can go to the gym, run errands, or just relax. Most days, I wake in the 6 o’clock hour.

7:00 am – Morning Coffee and Blog Post/Emails
Most mornings, the first thing I do is get a cup of coffee and go straight to the computer. If I have a blog post that day, I’ll either create it or check over a draft and publish. Emails are the bane of my existence. Just having one single email in my inbox gives me anxiety, yet I procrastinate replying to the last possible second, usually. It doesn’t make sense. This year, however, I’m trying something new and replying to emails first thing in the morning, which has made my inbox more manageable! 

8:30 am – Get Ready for the Day
This doesn’t happen every day, but if I am going to shower, do my hair, and do my makeup, it will happen around this time. I’m not one of those people that would say I work better and more productively having gotten ready. In fact, I do my best work in leggings, a messy bun, and no makeup  😏 But, if I’m going to be taking photos, doing something later in the evening, or if my assistant is coming over, I will usually take some time to pull myself together in the morning 
9:30 am – Get to Work!
I always start my day fulfilling any new or outstanding orders. This can take anywhere from 30 minutes to all day. I ran an Easter sale over the weekend, which led to quite a few orders, so I spent all day yesterday fulfilling and shipping orders – and still didn’t finish! This time will include social media, adding new products to the website, brainstorming new ideas, and working on any custom orders. 
2:30pm – Break Time
By about this time in the afternoon, I’m ready for a little break or caffeine boost. If I’m working out on a particular day, I’ll head to the gym as soon as I realize I’m not being productive at my desk. If I’m not working out, I usually make myself a latte or walk over to Starbucks for a drink.
4:30-6:00pm Wrap Up for the Day!
Most workdays end somewhere in this range, depending on what’s going on. I like to make an effort to clean up my office, clear off my desk, put all of my outgoing shipments in a bag, etc. before shutting down. The evenings look a little different, too. I like to plan a dinner or happy hour with a girlfriend about once a week, if possible. Mike and I might do a dinner or watch a movie midweek. I’ve been using my evenings, lately, to catch up on wedding planning things that I forget to do during the day, as well. 
9:00 pm – In Bed
I love spending time in my bed, especially at night. I like to get in my bed well before I’m even ready to go to sleep, so that I can read or watch a show. It helps me wind down and relax before shutting it down and going to sleep. 
I love the flexibility that comes with my job and allows me to create a schedule and routine that works well for me! Do you follow a strict schedule, or have the ability to make your own?

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  1. 4.19.17
    Kimberly said:

    I work from home as an online high school English teacher. My schedule is pretty locked down from 11-3. So I spend my mornings taking my daughter to preschool, myself to the gym, hitting the grocery store on the way home, then making breakfast and answering emails. By 10 I'm prepping the day's lessons and hunting down wayward students. 🙂 Working from home is the best thing that's happened to my family as my husband's health hasn't been the best since last August. I can keep an eye on him and work with a bit less stress.

    • 4.19.17

      Sorry to hear about your husband, but how wonderful that you have the flexibility to care for your family!

  2. 4.19.17

    I love this post! I'm currently working 8-4:30 and am hoping to make the transition home in a few years!

  3. 4.19.17

    Thanks for sharing! I love reading about the 'behind the scenes' aspect of your blog. It is encouraging to others who may have questions about your business. I look forward to hearing more about your business and what advice you have to others 🙂