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as a kid, my favorite flavor of muffins was lemon poppyseed. weird, right? most kids would probably say blueberry or chocolate or, “ew, muffins? i’ll have a donut”. and there i was, walking up to the breakfast buffet, just hoping and wishing and dreaming that there would be those tiny little yellow muffins with the black dots. there usually were, thank goodness. to this day, lemon poppyseed is one of my favorites, so you can imagine how i felt when i stumbled upon this recipe on pinterest.

no lie, i went out and picked up a donut pan (how i didn’t already own one is beyond me) and made them the next morning. and they are gooooooood. mine didn’t turn out nearly as beautiful as Ashley’s, but they were barely around long enough for anyone to look at them.
the glaze gets nice and firm after you let them sit and the donut itself doesn’t leave you with that sugar-high, greasy gross feeling when you’re done. so, go make yourself some donuts this weekend.
separately, if you’re an Anthropologie-lover like i am, there’s an extra 30% off sale items happening right now! which means you can get this beautiful top for less than $35. also, i’ll take this, this, these, and this, and all of these.

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