Refreshing Slept-In Curls

i used to be the kind of girl that had to wash my hair every day because slept-in hair just wouldn’t cut it. it was flat, lifeless, and clearly unwashed, which meant that i rarely skipped a day of shampooing. dry shampoo, however, changed all of that for me! i love dry shampoo. i use it when styling my hair the first day, to add a little extra volume and texture, and for days when i style dirty hair. 
since i’m working with the dirty hair more often (although i can’t go more than 2 days!), i’ve been trying several different brands of dry shampoo to see what works best for my hair. one of my favorites is Amika’s Perk Up. it’s great for adding a little extra body and grit just before teasing and soaks up some of the dirtiness of slept-in hair, so that i can have a fresh looking ‘do without all the time and effort of styling from start to finish. 
here’s what you’ll need:
flat iron, curling iron, or wand 
(i use a tapered wand, about 3/4″ – 1 1/4″)

i start by going through with my wand and re-curling some pieces that have really loosened up through the night.

once my curls are finished, i go through and spray a healthy amount of Perk Up on my scalp, especially near my hairline. 

using my fingertips, i rub the dry shampoo in to the roots and make sure it’s all blended well. 

now it’s time to tease! 

i soften up the teasing and finish with some hairspray. that’s all it takes! i’m able to spend a fraction of the time on my hair by being able to do this. on nights when i know i won’t be washing my hair the next day, i spray some dry shampoo into my hair before going to bed to give it the night to soak in and start working. i like adding some more during the styling process for a little extra somethin’! 

dress: Anthropologie | necklaces: Elisabeth Ashlie (here and here)
not only does amika’s Perk Up work well as a dry shampoo, but it smells ridiculously good. it’s crazy. i’ve said it before about their Un.Done Texture Spray, but i would t o t a l l y buy a perfume that smelled like their products. and the packaging is just so darn cute, which adds a nice little pop to my medicine cabinet.  
thanks to amika for sending me a bottle of Perk Up Dry Shampoo! 

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  1. 6.26.15
    aliza said:

    What brand curling wand is that? Hot tools?? Thanks!

  2. 6.26.15

    I've been using dove dry shampoo & notice I have more hair fall, when I use it. Which is scary because I have very fine thin hair as it is. Maybe it's the alcohol? Or the powder drying it?Have you noticed anything like that using amika's dry shampoo? I would like to find something safe because I need the extra volume!
    Thanks & great tutorial!

  3. 7.24.15

    Thank you for the awesome tutorial! Do you mind telling me where you got your lipstick print?