Apartment Tour: Dining Room + Bar

the first time we were shown this apartment, i remember thinking, ‘oh my GOSH! a real dining room! ‘. in my last place, there was barely enough room in the main area for a couch and tv, let alone a kitchen table and chairs. the prospect of living in a place that would accommodate my big ikea table (and other furniture!) was pretty exciting. ironically, as soon as we knew we were going to be living here, we all started stressing about what on earth we were going to do with this huge dining room. what used to seem like a huge dining table now looks small in all this open space. but hey, the more room the merrier! 
it was my mom’s genius idea to use the extra side table we had on the bar unit. it adds height (which we needed) and extra storage space, which is always a good thing. the other corner with the chair and skinny shelves is sort of a mish-mash of leftover furniture we didn’t know what to do with, but it works! 

this room is probably the most ‘work in progress’ room in the place. since it’s so big, it may always feel that way. the bar unit is still to be filled in with things, but that will come with time! it’s also the room with the most color, for sure. it’s fun to have a room like that, though. especially when the rest of the apartment is fairly neutral. we kinda just threw all of our bright stuff in here and made it work. 
all i know is that i feel like a real adult having a table to sit at when i eat dinner. 

dining table | ikea
benches | home goods
grey faux fur rugs | home goods
leather dining chairs | ikea
bar shelving unit | ikea
yellow chair | home goods
black shelving unit | ikea

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  1. 7.13.16

    The only problem is that bar is so pretty that I'm pretty sure I'd feel bad actually using it. Kinda like when they make a cake too pretty and you don't wanna cut into it. Or maybe that's just me…

    Sarah @ logfurnitureplace.com